4 arrested for threatening car employee in Trichy .. 7 including YouTube blogger Thuraimurugan .. 7 absconding ta


Trichy: Four people, including YouTube blogger Thuraimurugan, have been arrested in Trichy for allegedly intimidating a car company employee.

For the past few days, discussions on the Eelam-Sri Lanka war have been going on on the internet. Various parties have been expressing their views and position on Twitter.

Vinod, a car employee from Trichy, was intimidated this afternoon due to a tweet.

Vinod was intimidated today at the car company where he works in Trichy due to a tweet he made about LTTE Prabhakaran. YouTube blogger Thuraimurugan and some others have threatened to go together and apologize for the inconvenience. They also stood outside his office and shouted.

YouTube blogger Thuraimurugan Vinod, who brought more than 10 people, apologized and videotaped it. They are intimidated not to tweet like this anymore. Vinod’s Twitter account was also disabled after this video was taken.

The incident caused a great deal of controversy on the internet today. It is a matter of great controversy that a car employee was intimidated by a mob during the day. Many on the Internet demanded that the Tamil Nadu government take immediate action.

Four people, including YouTube blogger Thuraimurugan, have been arrested on charges of intimidating an employee in this situation. Saravanan, Vinod and Santosh have also been arrested for threatening a car employee named Vinod. Police are actively searching for the 7 people who are in hiding.

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