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Jason Holder suggests making anti-racism video collage: Taking a knee now a watered-down action...

West Indies were one of the first two international cricket teams to have taken a knee before a match but Holder feels that the gesture may have become a watered-down action. 


Anti-racism movement in cricket needs re-sparking, re-engaging: Jason Holder | Cricket News – Times...

Cricket News: The anti-racism movement in cricket needs more than just players taking a knee before matches in order for it to have some meaning and substance, feel


Want a new initiative in cricket to spark the anti-racism movement again, says Jason...

The former West Indies captain urged athletes to do more for the anti-racism movement.


LevelMagazine – UK – Attorney General William Barr « resigns » before the end of Trump’s...

Trump refused to trust the attorney general after saying federal investigators could find no evidence of major election fraud

EbeneMagazine – United States – Hundreds arrested as protesters march on I-94

Opposition to Trump's presidency, racism, police violence among protesters' passions

Land of Hope and Glory and Rule, Britannia! will now be sung at Proms

The songs Rule, Britannia! and Land of Hope and Glory will now be sung at the Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall after a massive U-turn by the BBC.

2020 Election Live Updates: Biden to Draw Contrast With Trump on Fighting Racism

President Trump says he’ll visit North Carolina for his party’s convention after all. In Maine, Senator Susan Collins trails Sara Gideon in a new poll.

Joe Biden Refuses To Get Woke. Will the Democratic Base Still Embrace Him?

The 77-year-old incoming nominee has adopted some of the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, but notably rejected its boldest proposals.

Floyd Protests Live Updates: Details of Atlanta Shooting Fuel Debate on Use of Force

After another black man is shot and killed by police officers, Atlanta erupts in outrage, and discussion swirls around proposals to radically overhaul law enforcement around the country.

Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: Minneapolis to Ban Use of Chokeholds by Police

City officials also announced a duty for officers to intervene and report any use of unauthorized force, according to an agreement between city and state officials.

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Pjanic veut retrouver la Juventus

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