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For the second year in a row, Ashadhi Wari will be celebrated on a limited basis. The state government has given permission to do this year’s Ashadhi Wari ST. Therefore, like last year, there will be no footfall this year.

This year, 10 palanquins of all ranks have been allowed for Wari. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has informed that 100 people have been allowed to attend the palanquin procession in Dehu and Alandi.

Ajit Pawar also informed that the remaining 8 palanquins were allowed to be attended by 50 people each.

The palanquins of Mana will leave in 2 buses each. Mana’s palanquins are allowed to walk one and a half kilometers on foot when they reach Wakhri.

Also, the government mahapuja will be held like last year. At the same time, all the participating Warakaris will be tested for corona this year.

Speaking on the occasion, Ajit Pawar said, « Those who want a foot war don’t have to deal with the corona. The corona has to impose these restrictions on the wari. We have been in power for so many years, never imposed restrictions. On the contrary, we have provided facilities in the wari. The government has made an effort to ensure that others do not suffer from corona while maintaining it.  »

This year, Vitthal temple will be closed for general devotees during Wari. Only Warakaris in Mana’s palanquins can go to the temple.

Arena and chariot festival are allowed with restrictions. Therefore, no one should crowd, Ajit Pawar has appealed at this time.

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