EM – 71 stores closed on Thanksgiving Day 2021


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It takes a lot of planning to bring your ideal Thanksgiving get together with the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, table decorations, and activities for the whole family. And don’t forget a festive outfit for the occasion. Of course, in order to plan all of these things, you need to shop ahead of time. After all, many stores are closed on Thanksgiving, including stores that once stayed open on the holidays.

While some shops and restaurants will remain open on Thursday, November 25th, due to increased demand and hopeful discount shoppers, dozens of popular retailers are closing their doors so their employees can enjoy the holiday to the fullest. With this in mind, we have compiled over 70 travel destinations that are not open on Turkey Day. Whether you’re looking for ingredients for a delicious new Thanksgiving recipe, Christmas essentials to start your decorating as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is ready, or cozy loungewear to relax in after a day of cooking and eating, in front of you find the stores you want to visit before Thanksgiving. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Black Friday to cross the store off your list.

While grocery stores are better off stocking their shelves amid a pandemic, it won’t matter on Turkey Day when many grocery stores are closed. So if you need an ingredient at the last minute, plan your shopping around the following closings.

Are you looking forward to putting your Christmas decorations up as soon as you wake up from Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t rely on hardware stores open for quick pickup. After all, all popular hardware stores are closed on Thanksgiving. With that in mind, be sure to do some shopping before Thanksgiving if you need a new tree, lighting, or indoor Christmas decoration.

It can be difficult to keep kids busy on Thanksgiving – especially when they’re on the younger side. However, one way to keep them entertained is to turn the kids’ table into a crafting table. Keep in mind that most craft stores are closed on Thanksgiving, so be sure to do some shopping before the big day.

Who doesn’t love to dress for the occasion? Whether your Thanksgiving get together is themed or you just want to look beautiful and feel cozy, you should put your ensemble together before Thanksgiving morning. After all, over a dozen popular clothing stores are closed on Turkey Day.

Would you like to pamper your pets on Thanksgiving? Make sure to go to your local pet store before November 25th as many are closed on Thanksgiving Day. No time to go to the store beforehand? Remember, you can order almost anything from Chewy, and delivery times are really impressive.

Often times, people think so much about their Thanksgiving table landscape that they overlook all other decorating options. On Thanksgiving morning, if you wished you had bought that blanket, pillow, or towel that you saw on your last HomeGoods purchase, you’re sadly late. After all, HomeGoods, along with over a dozen other home decor stores, is closing their doors on Thanksgiving. So you know the exercise: shop early!

If your Thanksgiving get-together is about exercise, you might want to have a few things on hand. Soccer, anyone? Or maybe you are planning an early morning hike. Whatever the case, you will need equipment. And if you don’t shop early, you can count the retailers below off your list as they stay closed on Thanksgiving.


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