EM – A German naval officer was flown off a ship off the coast of Mumbai due to a medical emergency


The officer was on the German naval ship Bayern, which was approximately 275 km off the coast of Mumbai.

A German naval officer was flown off a naval ship in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mumbai following a medical emergency , the Indian Navy announced on Friday.

The officer was on the German naval ship Bayern, which was about 275 km from the city’s coast. He was airlifted on Thursday, it said.

“At the request of the German embassy, ​​the patient was landed on the INS Shikra by a ship-based Super Lynx helicopter, the Navy said.

The @indiannavy supported one Officer evacuated by German naval ship Bayern about 275 km off Mumbai immediately with medical attention from #WNC. (1/2) pic.twitter.com/XN6NYvkRH7

The officer was taken to INHS Asvini, where he received the care of a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and underwent multiple tests.

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