EM – Angelina Jolie & The weekend meets for another dinner date in Santa Monica


The 46-year-old Oscar winner and the 31-year-old entertainer met on Saturday evening (25th.

Angelina and The Weeknd can be seen in coordinated, all-black outfits and face masks as they left the restaurant and got into the same truck before leaving, as seen in photos from The Daily Mail.

According to reports, Angelina and The Weeknd spent over two hours in a private area of ​​the Italian restaurant.

The two of them outing Stars takes place several months after they were seen having dinner together in late June.

A few weeks later, Angelina and The Weeknd were spotted at the same concert in Los Angeles.

Find out what a source about Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd said and why they may have befriended lately.


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