EM – Australian Politics Live Update: Scott Morrison to Propose Religious Discrimination Bill in Parliament


Laws that contain a controversial doctrine of faith clause are expected to pass through the House of Commons before being considered by a Senate committee. Follow live updates

Wed Nov 24, 2021 21.17 GMT

First published on Wed., Nov. 24, 2021 at 20:31 GMT

9:17 p.m. GMT21: 17

Trent Zimmerman, one of the coalition moderators, wants the government to repeal the Gender Discrimination Act – now.

It’s under the Religious Discrimination Act – moderates like Zimmerman want stronger protection for children, regardless of their sexuality, and fail to see why one has to wait a year for the Australian Law Commission to review the law.

In my view, there is no earthly reason why we cannot go ahead now instead of doing a review that long than 12 months.

Because it is worrying that even today a school can still exercise the right to expel a student because of his or her sexuality. As someone who has experienced this in person, this fear of your school’s action can have a huge impact on a young person at this extraordinarily difficult time in your life as you grapple with your sexuality.

Scott Morrison Promised as a “priority” to pass laws that could result in sexual discrimination against LGBTIQ students in 2018 when the Wentworth by-election came up.

. @ ScottMorrisonMP on legislative changes that will allow schools to expel gay students: Religious schools do not want to expel students on this basis. However, the coalition is trying to close this gap as soon as possible. MORE: https://t.co/6W5xmLQzim #SkyLiveNow pic.twitter.com/LKn6XGgKhc

9:05 p.m. GMT21: 05

Amanda Stoker, who, despite the support of the Prime Minister, lost the preselection campaign with James McGrath and was relegated to third place on the LNP ticket, is also fighting for the Senate. She competes against Campbell Newman, now a member of the Liberal Democrat Party, backed by Clive Palmer’s party (you can bet his advertising money will be used to cement that alliance), as well as One Nation and the Greens (under assuming the poll is correct and the voice of Labor in Queensland has recovered)

Look, I’m not worried about that. I am concerned about delivering for sane and sensible Queenslanders. And so I get to work. I don’t count numbers.

9:02 p.m. GMT21: 02

Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker, Assistant Secretary General to the Attorney General, spoke on ABC Radio RN about the Religious Discrimination Act that Scott Morrison is about to introduce today.

She was asked about the doctrine of the world and about it Which schools could hire (and possibly fire) within the scope of the protection provided by the law:

Creed is the ability of a person to express their beliefs politely and respectfully and without inciting violence to others without fear that she will be dragged to court on charges of discriminating against her claiming that she truly represents good faith and religious belief.

It looks different with schools. I think that in principle it should be the case that a school that can show that it has a conviction based on the core of its religious beliefs is ready to make this public and that it is ready to be open to dealing with people, those applying for a job should be able to demand that people act on it consistently.

A lot of people look at this now and say, “Well, you know, this is pretty intense. This may not be the place I want to work, ”others will say,“ that’s how I think and that’s how I want to believe ”, but if we look at the bigger picture, these schools offer something of an education in one, in one environment , in a school culture that is shaped by the way in which only faith is actually implemented in this community.

And if you take away from a school the ability to leverage a community that builds on it, then you can just as easily have nationwide public schools, because parents, teachers and students will get nothing other than the private school sector.

8:53 p.m. GMT20: 53

Daniel Hurst also has the latest on where Australia stands on the IP waiver for Covid vaccines:

The Australian Minister of Commerce is pessimistic about an upcoming IP waiver deal for Covid-19 vaccines while he is preparing to fly to Geneva next week for important World Trade Organization talks.

Dan Tehan’s planned trip comes amid allegations that the Australian government “tried to do both” by supporting the proposed exception, them but not co-funded by the WTO.

The idea – proposed a year ago by India and South Africa to speed up the delivery of vaccines to low-income countries – would allow cheaper generic drugs to be produced in developing countries.

But it has yet to be approved, despite support from more than 100 countries including the US.

8:43 p.m. GMT20: 43

More than 80 backpackers at a Byron Bay hostel on the north coast of NSW were banned for a week after a guest tested positive for COVID-19.

The bans will begin next month starting this weekend Thousands of partying school leavers should arrive in Byron Bay and other parts of northern New South Wales.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith posted on Facebook on Wednesday evening about the situation at Aquarius Backpackers.

“I’m watching one tonight Exactly the situation in Byron Bay in which a positive COVID-19 case and 84 close contacts at Aquarius Backpackers in Byron Bay have been identified, “she said.

” My thoughts go with everyone in this situation because it will be one hard time, “said Ms. Smith.

Thousands of HSC students are about to come to the resort for school celebrations.

About 80.9 percent of the Byron Bay community’s residents are fully vaccinated. Although high, the coverage rate is below the national average of 92 percent.

8:31 p.m. GMT20: 31

It is the last day of the first week of session and probably no one is more excited about the prospect of a little break from Parliament than Scott Morrison.

What should be a triumphant return to form after three weeks on the quasi-campaign path is instead a little horror show for the government. Morrison scored an own goal earlier in the week by claiming he told Anthony Albanese where he went on vacation during the bushfires, which he doubled when Albanese denied it before finally admitting he hadn’t. That set the tone. Since then he’s faced an increasingly rebellious back bench, senators running amok in the House of Lords, questions about couples, House of Commons MPs threatening to cross the floor / withhold their vote (George Christensen crossed the floor yesterday) and tried to go out of vaccine mandates on both sides while some of its own MPs are escalating public hostility on the issue. All in all, not a good week for the Prime Minister.

Today he will introduce the Religious Discrimination Act, which came into being as an election promise under the freedom of religion. But that won’t be the victory that was supposed to be just a few weeks ago. The split in his party hall means the bill will go straight to a Senate committee, where it is unlikely to see the light of day again before an election, especially if the prime minister decides to vote in March. So that’s one less commitment that has been made and fulfilled, as the Prime Minister likes to say. And there is one less thing to try to force Labor (which has its own opinions on the matter) into a position.

Meanwhile, Ccovid continues to change people’s realities. A hostel in Byron Bay is on lockdown and more information is being released about what NSW health officials previously requested during the NSW outbreak. The Victorians are still scarred and the Queenslanders are nervous about the upcoming reopening. The Northern Territory is struggling to control outbreaks in indigenous communities, and anti-Vaxxers are making it even more difficult.

We bring you all the news of the day. Mike Bowers is out in the hallways and Katharine Murphy, Paul Karp, Sarah Martin Daniel Hurst all have their ears on the floor in Canberra while the rest of the Guardian team keeps you updated on what’s going on outside the building.

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