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Webjet Limited plans to use Trip Ninja to strengthen its online travel agency services.

Webjet operates a digital travel business that includes both wholesale and hypermarkets. Its B2B business, WebBeds, is the world’s second largest provider of wholesale travel accommodation. His B2C travel business, Webjet, is a leading brand for online travel agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

Trip Ninja is an online platform that helps travel agencies book complex flight routes faster using machine learning.

“We have focused from the start on tracking and resolving complex technical problems in the travel industry and are excited to continue this journey with Webjet, “wrote Collart in an announcement of the sale.

The news is a blatant turn-around from an announcement who did Trip Ninja a few months ago. In October, the company announced it was closing due to a slow restart in the international travel industry.

“Given the length of the pandemic and our strong focus on multi-destination travel, we believe it is in the best interests of all parties To stop active development, “said CEO Andres Collart.

At the time, Collart Huddle said the aviation industry was not recovering fast enough to bring Trip Ninja multi-destination service back into demand .

“Ultimately, I don’t think it’s a good use of anyone’s money just waiting for the market to recover. It’s not an exciting prospect for me either to just wait and see, “said Collart.

He said he looks forward to using the skills he is learning to make Trip Ninja a bigger business. He also said the technology that Trip Ninja is built on is for sale.

On November 24, WebJet announced it had started talks with Trip Ninja as the company prepared to shut down. The end result was today’s announcement.

In a press release, Managing Director John Guscic said WebJet sees “significant growth opportunities for the Webjet OTA business as international travel returns”.

He said the technology of Trip Ninja will play “a key role” in increasing the company’s share of the international flight market.

“We are delighted to be able to acquire such an innovative company and are delighted that the founders share their vision of automating the most complex travel areas continue to realize, “said Guscic.

Webjet intends to implement the Trip Ninja products in Webjet OTA and sell the products to other travel industry participants worldwide.

Trip Ninja said it will continue to operate independently, but work closely with the WebJet team. Both Collart and his co-founder Brett Zigler will remain in office after the takeover.

“We look forward to getting back in touch with industrial partners and discussing how Trip Ninja technology is being used in their companies around the world.” can, “said Collart in a press release.

Trevor Nichols is co-editor of Huddle, based in Halifax. Send him your feedback and story ideas: [email protected].

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