EM – Bec Judd’s Melbourne Cup MYSTERY dress revealed


The influencer and celebrity took to Instagram to share a picture of her Melbourne Cup dress – or at least the top four inches of it.

“They know you’ve had a great day when the only one The photo you have of it is a selfie you took before going out, “wrote Judd.

But there have been few pictures of the dress circulating on the usual cup live blogs and social picture packs made.

The dress, a lush lapis blue, can only be described as furry above anyway.

It is as if it was created by skinning the Wookie Chewbacca and then dying the fur blue.

(PerthNow does not intend to imply that any Wookies were injured in the making of Ms. Judd’s dress).

Judd started the day with her family at the Chadstone Hotel in Melbourne, a five-star hotel in the city’s CBD.

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