EM – Before the boxing match, the mountain shows the transformation of the tattered body


Hafthor Julius Bjornsson aka “The Mountain” has just shared the fruits of his 120-pound weight loss with fans in preparation for his next boxing match.

The 6’9-inch ex-Starkmann competitor, who will fight arm wrestler Devon Larratt in a few days – replacing Eddie Hall’s biceps tear – now weighs 328 pounds. Bjornsson of Men’s Health reportedly switched from a 10,000 calorie diet to just 4,000 calories and increased his cardio.

While this can no longer be called the “toughest fight in the world,” it’s still interesting to see how much weight Bjornsson had to lose; and Larratt’s involvement in a sport other than arm wrestling.

On other sports news, Tom Brady says he can play until he’s 50.

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