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Since 2009 Sheriff FC played four times in Europe’s second division Europa League and was eliminated twice in the Champions League qualification.

Sheriff FC competes in the Moldovan league and plays in the Sheriff Stadium in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria – Moldova’s pro-Russian breakaway region on the eastern border with Ukraine. AFP

Fans of the European giants Real Madrid and Inter Milan will experience unusual competition this autumn: a club from a tiny separatist region in one of the least known countries in Europe, Moldova.

After a few failed attempts, Sheriff FC is celebrating This year made its debut in the group stage of Europe’s largest football competition, making it the first team from the former Soviet country to reach the Champions League itself.

But its historic success shows the divisions after a brief civil war after the collapse of the Soviet Union that led to the establishment of Transnistria.

The tiny breakaway state has its own currency, border police, army and cellular network, but is not internationally recognized, so sheriff can continue to play in the Moldovan league.

The Moldovan Football Association celebrated the qualification as “EUROFANTASTISCH !!!”, an opinion that sports blogger Sandu Grecu described as a “massive achievement for Moldovan football”.

“The team represents a separatist enclave where corruption, smuggling and underground business are rampant, which directly harm the budget and state interests of the Republic of Moldova.” </ The Champions League place, he said, will only benefit the owners of Sheriff – "and nothing more".

The young club, founded in 1997 and based in the administrative center of the breakaway region of Tiraspol, is steadily on the advance Spotlight.

At a training session last weekend at the Sheriff Stadium – soon to be the host of Karim Benzema and Lautaro Martinez – coach Yuriy Vernydub was still working in the Champions League qualification.

He admitted that the moment was political undertones, but was optimistic about the opportunity it presented.

Since 2009, the team played four times in Europe’s second division, the Europa League, and got divorced twice in the Champions League qualification.

However, this year they won a coveted Champions League place and around 16 million euros (19 million US dollars) in guaranteed prize money.

It is one Considerable sum for a team whose entire squad is worth only 12 million euros (14 million US dollars) and is overshadowed by its group D competitors.

In comparison, the specialist website Transfermarkt estimates that Real Madrid has a team of 780 million euros, Inter Milan to 575 million and Shakhtar Donetsk to 180 million.

During the training weekend, the team looked ahead – even beyond their first Champions League game on Wednesday with Shakhtar Donetsk – on Real Madrid later this month.

Dribbling by Brazilian defender Cristiano da Silva Leite, Ghanaian midfielder Edmund Addo exclaimed: “Benzema! Benzema! “

оперники по групповому этапу.
ервый тур апланирован на 14/15 сентября. о две лучшие команды из каждой группы выйдут в 1/8 финала.
Команды, анявшие 3-и места, ерейдут в плей-офф УЕФА. ни поспорят за утевки в 1/8 инала с командами, занявшими вторые места в группах ЛЕ pic.twitter.com/GxKd7RDrqM

The two are part of an international cohort. On Sunday, three Brazilians, two Greeks, two Colombians, one Peruvian, one Guinean, one Ghanaian, one Luxembourger and zero Moldovans started the team in the league.

Gustavo Dulanto, a 26-year-old Peruvian defender, wrote posted a message with the team’s captain, Frank Castenada, on Instagram and googled Sheriff FC before coming to a separatist piece of land one-fifth the size of Wales.

But politics is inevitable. The club belongs to the sheriff conglomerate, which has an economic and political monopoly in Transnistria.

асписание матчей ЛЧ сезона-21/22:
“Шериф” – “Шахтер” (December 15th, 7:45 pm)
“Реал Мадрид” – “Шериф” (December 28, 22:00)
“Интер” – “Шериф” (October 19th, 10:00 pm)
“Шериф” – “Интер” (3 ноября, 10:00 pm)
“Шериф” – “Реал Мадрид” (November 24th, 10:00 pm)
“Шахтер” – “Шериф” (December 7th, 10:00 pm) pic.twitter.com/2hUgFm4ySR

In Tiraspol, a city with around 130,000 inhabitants, the sheriff’s logo is everywhere: supermarkets, gas stations, even one Casino. One of the co-founders, Viktor Gushan, is the president of Sheriff FC.

He has built a sprawling complex with a stadium with 13,000 seats, a second stadium with 9,000 seats, an indoor arena, 16 training fields, tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool .

Serghei Pascenco, a 38-year-old substitute goalkeeper who was born in Tiraspol and has been with the club since childhood, said the Champions League has always been “our president’s dream”.

“More people will find out that this unrecognized country exists, “says the 61-year-old about the sheriff’s qualification.

” We have been working towards these 20 years. In another 10 years we may make it out of the group stage, “joked he.

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September 14, 2021 10:27:39 AM IST


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