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On this Monday, the moon enters its waning crescent phase and completes the cycle from Virgo to Sagittarius

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This Monday, November 29th, the moon will enter its waning crescent phase. It will complete the cycle from Virgo to Sagittarius. So let’s take a look at what the horoscope has in store for you:

In this phase, the chance of new job offers for the zodiac signs Taurus and Sagittarius is high. Gemini and Leo must take care of their health. At the beginning of the new week, the Aries will skillfully tackle his work problems on Monday. Cancers will have a great time with family and friends. For Virgos, creative pursuits will be very comforting. Financially, it would be a great day for Scorpions.

They are very knowledgeable about problems in the workplace. Continue to stick with your liberal stance as it will be very much appreciated. They might be prone to philosophical studies.

Since Mars is your rashi lord, you will find that your friendships grow stronger and your enemies become subjugated. The color red is recommended for luck. Your lucky numbers are 1, 8. Follow lucky alphabets A, L, E when you start the auspicious work.

It is better to focus on your work and not find mistakes in others. The chances of getting a new job are high. Good time to put your business ideas into practice. Try to encourage others with good advice. Venus is your ruling planet. Remember to use your lucky alphabets Ba, Va, U to get good luck. The color white and the lucky number 2.7 will be beneficial for you.

Plan ahead and don’t be impulsive. Marital problems cannot be ruled out. Take care of your health as you may be concerned about it. Getting to know new acquaintances will prove beneficial. Mercury is your ruling planet. It is better to use the numbers 3, 6 and wear yellow outfits as they will turn out to be very lucky. Ka, Chha, Gha are your lucky alphabets.

Your self-confidence and decision-making skills will help you a lot today. You will have a great time with your family. The relationship with your partner is strengthened. Your receptive nature will draw people to you for guidance.

The moon is your ruling planet, so it would be advisable to wear clothes in milky white tones. If you want the results you want, choose the number 4 and the lucky alphabets Da, Ha.

Leo: (July 23rd – August 23rd) – Since Sun is your Rashi Lord, attract good luck, by wearing clothes in shades of gold.

Get fit to work under pressure in the workplace. It would be a good idea to rest and take time to exercise. Heart patients have to avoid spicy and fatty food. You may receive good news from your loved one. Your lucky number is 5. Remember to use Ma, Ta as your lucky alphabet for favorable results.

Chances of promotion and huge cash wins are high. Romance is in the air. Your bond with your partner will grow stronger. You will experience immense satisfaction both at home and while pursuing creative activities.

Seek the blessings of Mercury, your ruling planet. Choose the numbers 3, 8 for luck. The alphabets Pa, Tha, Na will be very lucky for you today. Choose the color green while doing promising work.

Starting any new work is not recommended. Consider taking care of your cold and cough problems. If psychological stress builds up, try meditating. If you have problems from family or work, do not get into confrontation. Be very careful investing today.

Seek the blessings of your ruling planet, Venus. Decide on the lucky numbers 2, 7; and wear white for luck. Rely on the alphabets Ra, Ta as they would help make situations favorable.

Your performance at work will be exemplary. All outstanding work will be completed. Finances look great; and new sources of income are forecast. You can expect your elders to praise you for your thinking skills and good manners.

Since Mars is your Rashi Lord, the Na, Ya alphabets are said to bring good luck. Shades of red will be cheap for you. Don’t forget your lucky numbers 1, 8.

A great time for people in the creative field. Even those looking for a job can get positive news. You will be financially stable. News of ancestral expansion cannot be ruled out.

Jupiter, your Rashi Lord, will guide you. Before heading out on an auspicious occasion, choose yellows. Write down your lucky alphabets Bha, Dha, Pa, Dha.

Investing in business can prove beneficial. Friends and family will bring you great joy. As you progress in life, you will find that your relationships with co-workers become healthier.

Saturn is your Rashi Lord. Wear cyan outfits for good luck. Remember to use the lucky numbers 10, 11 for favorable results. Make your choice of the lucky alphabets Kha, Yes today.

Take care of your father’s health. Trust yourself and don’t let what others think of you influence you. Not a good time to take suggestions from people. Avoid confrontations with your partner.

During the day, seek the blessings of your ruling planet Saturn for mental strength. Turn to Ga, Sa, Sha, Sh, your lucky alphabets, so that things work out in your favor. Choose the colors in shades of cyan while preparing for important work. Also opt for the lucky numbers 10, 11.

All government related work is easily done. Your business will thrive if you skillfully address the negatives. You will immerse yourself in introspection. They make time for social activities. Have a good time with your family. You can thank Jupiter, your ruling planet, for the blessings. For luck, look at the numbers 9, 12; and the alphabets Da, Cha, Jha, Tha. These will bring you good luck.

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