EM – Eagle-eyed fans noticed this amusing detail in David Beckham’s picture


David Beckham left fans in amusement after being seen standing on tiptoe in the Christmas picture of his family. The Christmas picture shows David Beckham, his wife Victoria and their children Romeo, Brooklyn, Harper and Cruz. The 46-year-old soccer star was photographed next to his son Romeo, who is also a professional soccer player. Romeo, 19, towered over everyone else in the picture, leading fans to theorize that David Beckham tried to get a few inches taller while standing next to his son.

Both David Beckham and his wife Victoria shared the picture two days ago on their respective Instagram pages. “Merry Christmas,” the former footballer wrote as he shared the picture.

Since its release, the picture has been flooded with comments from eagle-eyed fans amused to see the British footballer on tiptoe.

The Beckhams seem pretty competitive in terms of size. In fact, David Beckham reluctantly admitted he was shorter than his son Romeo last year.

In an Instagram message on his son’s 18th birthday, he wrote, “I wish my little man (or no longer so) a happy 18th birthday .

“We love you so much, never give up your dreams on & goals, that shows from day one in my arms with the song you were born to until our last moment when I finally did had to admit that my son is taller than me. “

David Beckham’s professional career began at Manchester United at the age of 17. In his impressive two-decade career, he won 19 major trophies.

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