EM – FIFA President attends Napoli tribute to Maradona


FIFA President Gianni Infantino was in Naples today to attend an emotional tribute to Napoli in honor of Diego Armando Maradona, just over a year after his death, on April 25th.

“The memory of Diego Armando Maradona lives as strong as ever in the hearts and minds of all of us who love football,” said Infantino. “His phenomenal talent and amazing performance on the pitch will always be an integral part of football history. Even though he’s no longer with us, many new generations will continue to fall in love with the beautiful game thanks to him. “

The Argentine idol played for Napoli between 1984 and 1991. The club’s homage to him came ahead of the Serie A game against Lazio at the Estadio Diego Armando Maradona, a game that is important to Napoli’s hopes for the leaders. Memories of Maradona provided the hosts with a lot of inspiration.

“Maradona will always be on the minds of players and fans,” said Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti earlier this week. “Diego’s greatness is everywhere we go.

“The biggest thing for me personally is the void he left when he died. It says everything about its size. To say he was the greatest footballer in the world wasn’t enough because he had a great soul that went beyond football. He made us all great around him. ”

The global soccer family has spent the past few days remembering Diego Maradona, the 1986 FIFA World Cup winner Mexico ™ and a player who left his indelible mark in so many places.


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