EM – Fireball makes barrels that can hold over 115 shots, so prepare for the mayhem


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Whether people openly admit it or not, everyone has a soft spot for Fireball. It’s the cinnamon whiskey that always passes, whether you prefer it as a shot or mixed into a drink (… or cooked into something like that Fireball cake). However you enjoy it, Fireball has a brand new innovation that will help you keep loving its cinnamon flavor: a Fireball barrel. Please hold your applause.

Are you done freaking out? You well? Here’s what you need to know. The brand new FireKeg contains over five liters of straight Fireball and has three spouts for optimum pouring efficiency. Five liters is synonymous with over 115 shots, FYI, which should blow your mind even more and make you daydream about your next meeting with cinnamon drinks.

FireKegs will be available at your Fireball dealers this month. So, if you are friends with your liquor store owner, make sure they keep you updated on the release. The suggested retail price is $ 75 per FireKeg, but there’s always a chance this will vary by location. So keep this in mind when shopping. These barrels are a limited time offer. So if you see one, grab one … or two if you feel like you’re going to need 230 shots of Fireball in the future. I don’t know your life !!

“Fireball fans always know how to ignite the party and keep it going. The limited edition FireKeg will amplify it in a way only Fireball can, “said Rebecca Henry, VP of Marketing at Fireball.” Fireball Friday, Tailgating, every opportunity really – grab one while it’s hot! Just remember to ignite responsibly. “


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