EM – Guy Sebastian apologized to his fans for encouraging them to get vaccinated. & Sorry huh?


“Shoot the splinters out of your ass, get off the fence. Build yourself a set, Guy ”- a rare good attitude from Ray Hadley.

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Guy Sebastian has his support for Vax The Nation, a campaign that encourages Australians to join Vaccinated, withdrawn to stop “the disruptions” in the live music industry.

More than 400 of Australia’s greatest artists – including Flume, Jimmy Barnes, Amy Shark and Guy Sebastian – have signed up for Vax The Nation Campaign in hopes of reopening the live entertainment industry with higher vaccination rates.

But yesterday, after promoting Vax The Nation on Instagram, Sebastian apologized for promoting the vaccine, claiming that ” the campaign was posted on his page without his “direct involvement”.

“I have always done everything to support my industry, but the campaign was posted on my page without my direct involvement,” sa said Sebastian to his followers after deleting the campaign video. “And while, like everyone else in my industry, I want things to get going again, it’s not my job to communicate as communicated in this post,” he continued. “I would never tell people what to do when it comes to personal health decisions. I’m very sensitive to it.

“Well, I just want to say I’m really sorry. It wasn’t a post that communicated with love or compassion, which I think is necessary in bringing up things like vaccinations. ”

But despite Sebastian’s claims that“ it’s not his job to communicate about vaccines ”and that he “would never, ever tell people what to do with their personal health decisions,” The Voice-Coach was very vocal about the desire to be vaccinated earlier in the year and was Nature’s Way Kids Smart VITA Gummies ambassador in 2021 .

In March, Sebastian actually told Adelaide Now that he “wanted to put that thing in me when it was my turn,” adding that “they can stick the thing down my throat when I do on the road again and my band can play again ”.

This sudden refusal to tell the fans that he is for the vaccination and that they should also get vaccinated is disappointing and confusing – especially because Sebastian j is someone in the music industry who has managed to stay busy with television programming during the pandemic while most of those who rely on live entertainment have lost their only source of income.

As expected, that became desperation , “Playing both sides” and staying in the good books of the anti-Vaxx crowd – despite being literally part of a campaign focused on promoting vaccinations – slammed online.

Some artists give a big one Part of their cultural capital and challenge the audience to let themselves be fooled. So much respect. And then there is another type of Sebastian, one of our most successful artists, who sounds like he’s okay with science, but he’s scared of losing his anti-vax

Guy Sebastian: “I would always do people say what to do when it comes to their personal health decisions “Also Guy Sebastian: pic.twitter.com/J2Hc28j0MT

Man, any musician who apologizes for trying to get back to work by advocating for a safer audience is self-destructive. Unpack your spine, you fool.

Even Ray Hadley hit Sebastian’s flip-flop and his “weak reaction” to the potential backlash from anti-Vaxxers this morning.

“Shoot the splinters out of your ass, go off the fence, ”Hadley said on 2 GB. “Put on a set, guy. And don’t let those who might be on your website say, “I’ll never listen to you again. Won’t buy your CDs. Never going to Spotify again. ’[Get to you].

“ Put on a set, buddy. You’re better than that. That was a perfectly normal, weak-kneed response when the bulk of the people in your industry are desperate to get back to work and the only way to get back to work is double inoculation. ” Unfortunately, as Ben Lee so eloquently put it, Sebastian’s sudden refusal to tell Australians to get vaccinated is unfortunately just “a really sad example of what happens when your career depends on trying to To offer everything to all people “.

To be honest, this is actually a really sad example of what happens when your career depends on trying to be everything to all people.

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