EM – Here’s what Devin Booker tweeted after the Suns won their 10th straight game


After losing 1: 3 in their first four games, they have won ten games in a row and are now 11: 3 in the season.

On Wednesday night they beat the Dallas Mavericks 105: 98, and on Thursday, All-Star Shooting Guard tweeted Booker and his post is embedded in the bottom of his Twitter account.

Booker had 24 points and nine rebounds in the game, and this season averaged 23.0 points , 6.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game.

The Suns reached the NBA playoffs last season, which was the first time in his career that Booker had made the playoffs.

They made it not only made it to the playoffs, but made it to the NBA finals, led by Booker and All-Star Point Guard Chris Paul.


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