EM – “He’s definitely a unique kind of force” – Murray on Sexton, Lions fallout, and long term goals


Asking CONOR MURRAY a series of questions about Johnny Sexton’s Journey to 100 Test Caps feels a bit like asking Robin what makes Batman dust that cloak over and over again.

But in one Week that saw Sexton’s upcoming milestone put the Irish captain on the top and in the center, his half-back partner offered an intriguing, heartfelt glimpse into a journey the two of them had largely shared.

Flip through the iconic moments from Sexton’s Ireland career, and Murray is never too far away. The two players spent so much time together on the pitch that on Tuesday, when Sexton asked one of the many questions about his way to 100, he emphasized Murray’s role in the story.

“How many do I have with Conor Murray played, 70 maybe? ”Küster said. “Having a man by your side throughout his career … We built a good relationship and bond.” With that in mind, it was interesting that when Murray was asked to highlight a moment that was at Playing with Sexton especially stands out without pausing to look at the couple’s various joint successes, the scrum half going all the way back to his fifth international for Ireland.

“The 2011 World Cup in New Zealand. We played against Italy in the last group game, ROG started, Johnny came, “explained Murray.

” I suppose my trip to this World Cup was just enjoying the drive. I probably didn’t have the level of detail Johnny expected from his nine, and I remember we got on the sideline and he wanted me to play the strikers off the sideline.

“It was just a very quick learning situation for me and it was brilliant because we are laughing about it now, but genuinely it made me realize what level it takes to play international rugby and a good nine out of 10 before.” To be you.

It’s a page in the sexton story that is told over and over again. The unscrupulous competitor with a penchant for meddling with his teammates. Murray learned through experience what his half-back partner is.

Murray and Küster at the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Source: Dan Sheridan / INPHO

“What I had to get used to was Johnny’s body language. To an outsider, if something isn’t going right, he can probably look like he’s spending a lot or sulking, but after a couple of years of getting to know Johnny it comes from such a good side. Sometimes he says himself that this body language is due to being disappointed with himself a few phases ago or whatever.

“To recognize that and to see where it comes from, how he has the team on the Bringing to the next level and wanting to move all the wheels of the bike in the right direction – he has a lot of responsibility for that and that is a lot of pressure on him too.

“He had a lot of challenges, a lot of hard times, a few injuries with them he had to finish and his resilience is incredible. “

With over a decade of experience in senior rugby, Murray has spent his fair share of 10 years working on his various experiences with Munster, Ireland and the Lions.

“Every 10 you play with has different traits like their personality and competitiveness. I’ve played with a lot of outhalves who have really high standards, but they just represent them in different ways or require the players around them to be of a certain standard Spielfeld leads, and that took some getting used to. But like I said, it comes from a really good place …

With 89 caps in his name, Murray isn’t far from hitting that diluted air himself. But while Sexton seems to have the 10-shirt firmly under control for the time being, Andy Farrell’s options in the scrum point to a fascinating fight on the way to the 2023 World Cup.

Farrell clearly values ​​Jamison Gibson-Park, and Murray’s teammate Craig Casey from Munster was just getting into the shoes of the “next big thing” when Nathan Doak came to life with Ulster.

As a Lions summer tourist, Murray still has a lot to offer at this level, but the competition his position has really tightened in the last year or so.

We already know Sexton plans to make it to France in 2023, but will Murray still be by his side?

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“I definitely have long-term and short-term goals like everyone else. But you take it week after week.

Murray says he feels fresh in this block of international games, even though he has only played 21 minutes for Münster this season so far. His summer tour with the Lions also put him to the test in a number of ways that could drain some other players mentally and physically.

This is a player Lions captaincy was only given to him after making remarkable recovery by Alun Wyn Jones again from a shoulder injury, a personal disappointment that had to be parked before the test series against the Springboks, which Murray started at, the second test and came off the bench in the other two.

Murray started once and came off the bench twice in the Lions’ series loss to South Africa.

Source: Billy Stickland / INPHO

Murray – who adds that he has received no feedback from the Lions camp regarding rugby and performing in South Africa – says he still enjoys looking back on this challenging trip to South Africa.

“After that we had a day off and I had some time to think about the holidays with family and loved ones and I think it gave me a little more peace of mind, more than before, with everything that was thrown at me – I talk” for the moment personally – I thought I got along pretty well with it and I’m a little proud of the way I reacted and kept moving and tried again and again to get better and have a positive impact on the group, ”he continues continued.

“It was difficult, it was really fun, it was challenging, it was rewarding, it was tough at times, so it had all kinds of emotion. But overall I thought that we had an incredible group of players who just teamed up, with the Covid situation and the few cases and the one and the other.

“Overall, I honestly have very good ones Memories of it while some people are a little surprised to hear that. “

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“He’s definitely a unique kind of force” – Murray on Sexton, Lions fallout, and long term goals comments


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