EM – In Nantucket, Bidens goes shopping and visits the community’s Christmas tree lights


United States President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visited Nantucket, Massachusetts during the Thanksgiving holiday. (Photo by Le grand Cricri, cc-by-sa-3.0, https://bit.ly/3E02mqx)

Biden spent more than an hour wandering the cobblestone streets of downtown Nantucket, browsing unannounced corner shops, doing purchases, and posing for photos with surprised business owners.

Accompanied he became of some of his grandchildren. Biden and his whole family are spending the Thanksgiving holiday on the island of Massachusetts renting a sprawling estate owned by friend and billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein. “Hey, Joe,” “We love you, Joe,” shouted some people when Biden stopped by on a cold and rainy day. One man told the 79-year-old president that he personally looked younger.

It is these types of interactions with everyday people that Biden, a recidivist politician for nearly five decades, absolutely enjoys, but not because of COVID-19 has done a lot.

Biden set out after speaking to reporters about a new variant of COVID-19 floating around in South Africa and his decision on Friday to share the US with other countries limit travel restrictions from southern Africa from Monday.

The president opened on Friday by going to a restaurant for lunch with his wife Jill, children Hunter and Ashley, and their grandchildren. It’s a family tradition after Thanksgiving. They then browsed a nearby bookstore before Biden went for a walk.

He visited a leather goods store and several clothing, gift, and homeware stores before the family reunited to partake in another of their traditions: attending at the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Nantucket.

Biden’s downtown stroll recalled a time during Barack Obama’s presidency when he rebelled against the borders that came with the occupation of the Oval Office. Modern presidents usually can’t get around on foot.

“The bear is on the loose!” Obama stated one day in 2014 after walking out of the White House instead of in a motorcade and going to the Home Office, terrifying ordinary people on the streets of downtown Washington.

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