EM – In the UK, companies start 4-day working week with no pay cuts


The dream of working fewer hours without sacrificing pay is becoming a reality for more and more workers.

The UK pilot of a four-day workweek will start in June, with around 30 companies so far signed up for the trial. The six-month program sees companies allowing their employees to work 32 hours a week while their pay and benefits remain the same.

“Moving to a four-day workweek would be a win-win for companies ‘ said Joe Ryle, UK director of the four-day-a-week campaign, in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “Studies have shown that productivity improves with corresponding gains in worker well-being.”

The UK pilot is one of several around the world being run by 4 Day Week Global, which champions the shorter week. Similar programs are slated to begin in the US and Ireland, with more planned in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Ryle said assessing the environment and gender equality, 4 Day Week Global said in a statement.

The program will “help companies move away from simply measuring how long people are ‘at work’ to a stronger one Focusing on the performance produced,” said Joe O’Connor, a pilot program manager for the campaign.

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