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Jess Brammar’s job at the BBC was confirmed, and the broadcaster said her appointment was “through fair and open competition”.

Brammar will join the BBC as senior news editor, despite critics such as BBC board member Sir Robbie Gibb and Jacob Rees-Mogg, the leader of the House of Commons.

In her new role, Brammar will be the two 24-hour Oversee BBC news channels – BBC World News and the BBC News Channel.

Brammar said she “couldn’t be more excited to join such an incredibly talented team, on and off air. I’m really looking forward to getting on with the work.”

Former Huffpost UK Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor of BBC Newsnight will take on the role this month, reporting to the chief controller, newsroom and assignment to Jamie Angus.

The BBC said Brammar was an “award-winning editor with extensive broadcasting experience” and that her appointment was “through fair and open competition”.

According to Anita Singh, arts and entertainment editor for Telegraph, BBC chair Richard Sharp told the RTS conference that Brammar “came there for merit”.

BBC Director General Tim Davie later said at the conference: “I think we are in dangerous territory with previous political positions, tweets, banning you from BBC jobs,” said RTS. “My expectation as a leader for anyone joining the BBC is that you leave your political opinions at the door.”
Paul Danahar. Image: BBC

The BBC has appointed Paul Danahar as Senior News Editor for the World Story Team in January. He will report to Jonathan Munro, Senior Controller, News Content.

Danahar currently heads the BBC Americas Washington DC office and was awarded an MBE in 2003 for his work as the Baghdad office manager during the US-led invasion.

BBC News Director Fran Unsworth, who is stepping down early next year, said: “I am delighted to announce these two new appointments.

“Both Jess and Paul are excellent journalists with a proven track record. You will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your new roles and I look forward to welcoming you. ”

The BBC said both roles are part of their modernization plans for the news department, which include a major reorganization including layoffs and a reduced management team.

The board has expanded from eleven to eight as Chief Editor Kamal Ahmed, Gavin Allen, News Director, and Jo Carr, Current Affairs Director, retired earlier this year.

In January 2020, BBC News announced that in plans delayed by the pandemic, as part of its newsroom modernization plan, it would cut up to 450 jobs by adopting a “story-led” approach with fewer teams from different programs that cover the same stories. The total was later revised to 520.

Brammar’s potential appointment came to light in July when the Financial Times reported that Sir Robbie Gibb, a former communications director for Theresa May who became the BBC’s non-executive director in May, texted Unsworth to block her .

He reportedly claimed it would shake people’s confidence in the company, but Labor called his intervention a “total abuse of position” and demanded that he be forced to resign.

It has been reported that Brammar’s appointment subsequently stalled and took longer than expected to be confirmed. Her social media accounts have been combed through by other media outlets claiming evidence of a “culture warrior” with “left” credentials for supporting Black Lives Matter and criticizing Brexit.

Rees-Mogg questioned Brammar’s impartiality based on her work at Huffpost, telling the Commons: “It is vital that the BBC not only be impartial, but also be seen as impartial. The BBC has to wonder if they’ll schedule an appointment from the Huffington Post, would they schedule an appointment from the Guido Fawkes website? A similar news agency, except one a little more specific on the right than on the left. I think the BBC would be amazed at my suggestion. “


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