EM – Johnny Knoxville assures fans his penis is still working after a gruesome injury in 2007


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Johnny Knoxville has taken more beatings than some professional fighters during his tenure as the star of MTV’s Jackass, and he’s got the scars to prove it – some of them in the most vulnerable places.

In a recent interview with Variety, while promoting Jackass Forever, the fourth installment in the hugely popular film spinoff series, Knoxville spoke about and reminisced about one of the most painful injuries he suffered in the name of entertainment Time in 2007 when he broke his penis after trying to flip a motorcycle.

“I broke my fitness dog a few years ago,” he said. “It’s well documented. So much was said about so little… The doctor said a few inches lower and it would have been out of order.”

The incident left Knoxville wearing a catheter for over three years, but he was quick to reassure readers that he is still fully functional. “But I’ve had two kids since then, so it’s working great,” he said, adding, “That’s too much information.”

While Knoxville’s next project will see him compete in WWE’s Royal Rumble, he doesn’t have the option ruled out returning for another Jackass film if audience demand is still there. “I mean, it could go on like this…we could do another one if we wanted to,” he said. “I don’t know if that’s what we want, but we could let the old guys in and have fun but put it more on the young cast. I do not know. After [the first two films] we’re like never before.’ And then we did a third and now we’re doing a fourth. So we never say never.”


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