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James Robinson

Jonathan Rea’s desire to recapture the Superbike World Championship burns brighter than ever when the six-time champion went down in the championship finals in Indonesia yesterday.

Rea won both races in a mixture of wet and dry conditions on the new Mandalika circuit, but not enough to prevent Turkish Toprak Razgatlioglu from dethroning the Northern Irish driver.

Postponed due to torrential rain from Saturday, Rea finished the first race with 0.670 seconds He was ahead of pole man Razgatlioglu, while BMW-bound Scott Redding secured the final podium on the Aruba.it Ducati.

The 34-year-old Kawasaki-Königspin then mastered the wet conditions in the second race, which was shortened to 12 laps and won a one-two with Redding in the last round and ended the season with a climax.

Rea, who is 30 points behind Razga tlioglu saw his thin title hopes almost fade when the Superpole race was canceled after the organizers announced a revised Sunday schedule and a maximum of 50 points were available instead of the 62 on the table at the start of the 13th and final Round.

Undeterred, he showed the parentage that made him the most successful World Superbike rider of all time when Rea won both races in a final act of defiance.

Rea returns to his lucky number 65 for 2022 after taking number 1 from Razgatlioglu and already planning his way back to the championship summit, I can really park those emotions and respect Toprak, but I want them back, I want to win again and that will make me work even harder in 2022 “, said Rea, who won a total of 13 races this season.

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“This weekend we knew the championship was out of reach – it didn’t depend on us. So in many ways I don’t feel like I’ve lost the championship here, I feel like I lost the championship in the middle of the year when I made a lot of mistakes and we had some problems.

“But me I don’t regret anything and can go home happy, congratulations and respect to Toprak “, he added.

” To be honest, I’m not happy to use the ’65’ again because I lost the championship with it, but it makes me feel so good when I came to Kawasaki, it changed my life and won a world championship in 2015.

“This number brings back all those memories, but I’ll work as hard as possible to make this one To get the number 1 license plate back. “

The newly crowned champion Razgatlioglu dedicated his first title to the memory of his father Arif – a famous stunt driver in Turkey – who in 2017 together with his girlfriend in a motorcycle accident on tragic he wise died.

“My dream was, I always said this season that I might become world champion – this is for my father,” said the 25-year-old, whose crew chief the Northern Ireland man Phil Marron is.

“He can’t see that I’m world champion, but he always said ‘Toprak will be world champion’.

Results, race 1: 1. J Rea (Kawasaki); 2. T Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) 0.670s; 3. S Redding (Ducati) 2.155s); 4. A Locatelli (Yamaha) 7.644s; 5. A Bassani (Ducati) 8.133s; 6. M van der Mark (BMW) 9.809s.

Race 2: 1. J Rea (Kawasaki); 2. S-Redding (Ducati) 0.283 s; 3. M van der Mark (BMW) 7.437 s; 4. T. Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) 10.641 s; 5. T Sykes (BMW) 21,707s; 6. G Gerloff (Yamaha) 24.555 s.

Final result of the championship: 1. T Razgatlioglu 564 points; 2. J Rea 551; 3. S-Redding 501; 4. A Locatelli 291; 5. M. Rinaldi 282; 6. M van der Mark 262.






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