EM – Kelsey Asbille: Buckle up for the intense ‘Yellowstone’ season 4


NEW YORK, Nov 7 (UPI) – Kelsey Asbille says life doesn’t get any easier for the Dutton family in season 4 of the contemporary western Yellowstone.
“It’s so intense. We’re right where we left off, ”Asbille told UPI in a recent Zoom interview.

NEW YORK, Nov 7 (UPI) – Kelsey Asbille says life won’t get any easier for the Dutton family in season 4 of the contemporary western Yellowstone.

“It’s so intense. We’re right where we left off, ”Asbille told UPI in a recent Zoom interview.

Asbille plays Monica, Kayce Dutton’s college professor wife and mother of his only child, Tate.

“Monica doesn’t know what she’s dealing with, so Tate’s safety is her # 1 [priority]. It Definitely informs the rest of the season, “said the actress.

Writer and producer Taylor Sheridan’s show follows wealthy John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his family as they use whatever means necessary to help real estate developers, government officials and criminals and keep their huge cattle ranch.

Season 3 ended with John and two of his adult children – financier Beth (Kelly Reilly) and cattle inspector Kayce (Luke Grimes) – being attacked by unknown assailants. </ In season 4, which premieres on Sunday on Paramount Network, Monica and her young son Tate (Brcken Merrill) hold off an armed intruder in their home that same day.

In one of Asbille’s favorite scenes this season, she confronts Kayce with his dangerous job and lifestyle.

“It took a long time,” said the actress. “You were both in the [emotional boxing ring] and Luke and I were up to the challenge. It was a scene we’d never done before. It’s been a conversation we’ve never had. “

While they’re definitely going through a rough patch due to the circumstances they’re in, Monica and Kayce have real love.

” Everyone in the show fights for his family and has very different approaches, “laughed Asbille.

” Taylor is a romantic at heart. He loves these characters and he roots them. Who knows what’s going to happen, but I think they’re on in the long run. “

Monica, who has always had a fragile relationship with her in-laws, doesn’t interact much with the other duttons this season.

” She goes and turns to her community and her [indigenous ] Culture to heal Tate. That brings Kayce into play too, ”said Asbille. “We can reintroduce this world to what is beautiful.”

While the show is an entertaining epic seen by millions, it also highlights and discusses important issues such as the morality of land ownership, how the earth is respected rather than exploited and how wealth, power and corruption can be related.

“It brings indigenous peoples out of the past and brings up current issues. I’m really proud of the way the plot is so woven into it that it can raise awareness and appeal to our local and non-local audiences. ”

In season 3, Jamie has a bitter argument with John and Beth sign a land contract to sell part of the ranch. Alienated from the family he grew up with, he also meets his biological ex-inmate father Garrett (Will Patton).

“He’s hurt. He thought he was a Dutton, at least by blood. but it isn’t even so the rejection is complete, “added Bentley. “He feels like he’s lost the ground and he’s powerful and angry, so has the potential for harm and revenge.”

Jamie also reaches out to his real father, which is not a good idea, but feels like an authentic move given what Jamie’s motivations have always been.

“He wants acceptance and connection with a family. He’s a family man at heart,” said Bentley. “It’s strange with Jamie. He’s a law-and-order guy and he’s a family guy and he’s in a place where none of that is real. ”

The actor believes viewers are in a relationship with Jamie because he is a flawed man who occasionally makes terrible decisions while working hard to get his life in order.

Although Jamie may have combative relationships To Beth and John, Bentley said that he, Reilly and Costner get along fine when the cameras are not on.

“Everyone is so professional,” Bentley said. “We can go home and smile at each other and make jokes.”

In addition to the well-drawn characters and compelling storyline, viewers locked up during the coronavirus pandemic can also enjoy a show with beautiful scenery and feel be drawn to the freedom that nature represents.

“The West has a fascinating history,” he added. “It’s complicated and has all kinds of stories and we’re exploring all of that.”


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