EM – Maisie Williams is unrecognizable at the Met Gala


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Former Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is absolutely there at the 2021 Met Gala: She looks like a cutting-edge Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family (although she said she was actually inspired by The Matrix). When she started with E! News, she explained what the inspiration for the graphic, gothic, sustainable all-black look was.

She stated that her outfit was designed by her boyfriend Reuben Selby and inspired by The Matrix (in time for the latest movie trailer, which is impeccable timing). She also spoke about what it meant for her to come to the event: “I grew up with American icons … those women in the film … it shaped the woman I became,” she explained.

Williams has been blonde (including the eyebrows she kept for the look) since April 2021, around the time she became WWF’s new global ambassador for the climate and nature. The change makes them look completely different. She’s been choosing her high fashion looks as well lately and this is absolutely no exception. Her hair matches the waves of her dress and she even has stirrup tights in her platform shoes. It took two hours to put the pieces in her hair!

Her friend Reuben Selby (co-founder of a modeling agency) went to Instagram to talk about the look:

The look was done by a “team of five “implemented both in the design and in the creation of the dress, train and body suit. They thanked Maisie “for your trust, support, and creativity. It takes courage to be yourself.”


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