EM – Masked Singer fans ask a lot of questions about the show’s announcement


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Season six of The Masked Singer is officially in its final stages, with Bull, Skunk, Banana Split and Queen of Hearts still in the running for the coveted Golden Mask. But before a winner can be crowned, they have to assert themselves on stage first – but not like before.

Before the successful Fox Singing Contest Show hit its Thanksgiving break, fans got a taste of it with a promo video the two-day final of Masked Singer. Even though the clip is less than a minute long, it was still packed with a lot of information. In the end, people had a few questions.

“You are not combining groups a and b for the finals this [year]?” wrote one person on Instagram. “Unmasking tonight or both before the grand finale? Confusing process this season, “added another on Wednesday morning.

In short, The Masked Singer is changing the format of the show (again!) And splitting the semifinals into two different rounds. Instead of having all of the remaining celebrity candidates compete against each other, the two members of Group A compete and only one appears. Group B will do the same next week. Then, for the grand finale, the Group A winners and Group B winners are sung and an overall Masked Singer Season 6 winner is crowned.

But there is another twist. According to the episode promo, Bull and Skunk will play solos and a duet with Masked Singer season three runner-up Jesse McCartney or Grammy-winning singer Michael Bolton. In group B, the panelists Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke are on stage for the first time and sing in the show. According to Entertainment Weekly, Nicole and Robin will do duets with Banana Split and Queen of Hearts.


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