EM – Mavs owner makes strong statement about Trading Star Big



Dallas Mavericks center Kristaps Porzingis leaves the court after a game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

From his earliest days in a Dallas Mavericks uniform, Kristaps Porzingis has seen his name in trade rumors. The chatter picked up again earlier this season when the big man averaged 12.7 points at 30.2% shooting and 23.5% from depth in the first three games of the campaign.

Even before he slumped came out of the gate there were concerns about his fit alongside Luka Doncic. Last season, the two were only 0.5 points positive per 100 possessions when they split the field. This year they’re down to minus 15.3 for a limited time as a duo.

Obviously, however, the critics of Porzingis, national experts, and / or disgruntled Mavs fans who spend their free time on ESPN’s trading machine have Mark Cuban unaffected. The Mavs owner just told NBA.com on a feature about Porzingis that he never thought of acting the star Big Man.

“That’s not true. Why should I even do this?” Cubans wondered. “With such trades you always end up behind. If you trade a superstar, you never get the best of it. ”

Cuban continued to support his husband, saying that Porzingis” played at an all-star level “. He’s not wrong either. In the eight games that lead to Dallas’s Tuesday night fight with the LA Clippers, Porzingis scored 23.1 points, 9.1 rebounds and 1.4 blocks per contest and shot 50.4% out of the field.

The billionaire doesn’t seem surprised that his investment in Porzingis, who signed a five-year $ 158 million deal with the Mavs in 2019, is currently paying off.

Cuban expects additional ROI going forward, regardless from the chatter in the blogosphere and on social media.

“I always believed that KP hadn’t played his best basketball yet. Now you can see why we didn’t swap it, ”said Cuban. “He’s a great player. He is a good guy. All of my experiences with him have been positive. So why should we do this? But that’s NBA Twitter, and that’s Mav’s Twitter. They do. You’re probably trying to trade Luka right now. ”

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As well as Porzingis has been playing lately, we’re still talking about an eight-game sample. Also – Doncic was out in the last three of those games due to injury, and the naysayers might cite this as the reason for the ongoing hot streak.

However, if you ask Porzingis, his chemistry with Doncic is actually getting better. And he understands that sharing the court with the perennial MVP candidate and keeping those lines of communication open will ultimately lessen his burden.

“We’re communicating more. That is extremely important, ”said Porzingis. “We got off to a good start. I love playing with Lukas. It’s hard to find that type of talent to play with so you have to appreciate that. He makes the game easier for everyone. He takes a lot of attention away from everyone. “


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