EM – OG Tesla Roadster owner swaps his roadster for an NFT


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What’s in there? Presenter Dan Markham sold his original Tesla Roadster for an NFT and shared his experience with it on his YouTube channel. An NFT is a “non-fungible token”, which is a unit of data that is stored on the blockchain. This certifies that a digital asset is unique and not interchangeable. Most NFTs are photos, videos, GIFs, or audio, and some can even come with a physical item. I sold one and one piece of advice: you have to put some money aside to get started as Ethereum gas fees are extremely high. I believe the maximum amount of gasoline fees I paid was over $ 100 just to accept a sale.

Dan was able to buy his original Tesla Roadster when he took bail on a next generation roadster after he had won a free one from Tesla Referrals. Dan explained that original Tesla roadsters are hard to find and buy today and prices have increased. He added that he believes they will be worth a quarter of a million dollars at some point, with the potential to be worth a million dollars one day.

“They’ve built so few of these Tesla roadsters and Tesla doesn’t have the game changed only for electric cars, but for the entire automotive industry. So I thought, what better way to sell or get rid of this thing than by doing it in one of the craziest, what’s inside ways possible? ”

The NFT Dan traded his roadster for was a V Friends NFT by Gary Vaynerchuck, whom he later described in the video as a good friend with a great legacy mindset.

Before I dive into who bought it, let me say I know this person and consider them a good friend. We met online in early 2019 when he happened to contact me and said that he had heard of my story, how kind Elon was to me and that he wanted me to have one of the first copies of his comic called The. have adventures from Starman. So together with Dan I also have a copy!

I swapped my vee friends NFT Epic Positive Porcupine for my dream car, the original Starman Tesla roaster.

This was only possible because of V-friends. I love you. Thanks 🖤https: //t.co/9KCIWhcDkI pic.twitter.com/YyDfpxdukd

Dan also met Eli before this sale. I think that’s one of the nicest parts of the Tesla community – good people meet and work together on various positive projects. Dan met Eli Burton at a Boring Company event and they became friends, and now here they are, trading an NFT for a Tesla Roadster and potentially adding value to both.

Supporting the NFT with a value of a Tesla Roadsters is something Vaynerchuck will benefit from, and maybe both items will eventually be valued at $ 1 million, as Dan said.

Louisiana native, Johnna Crider likes crawfish, gemstones, minerals, and electric vehicles, and is a champion Sustainability. Johnna also hosts GettingStoned.online, a jewelry maker and shareholder of $ TSLA.

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