EM – Paris Hilton’s Netflix Cooking Show doesn’t even fail to the top – it’s more like “barely trying sideways”


August 04, 2021


»Couch surfing

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami – Here comes a six-part series about the Cuban-born motorboat racers and drug barons who were the target of one of the greatest busts in US history. The show is based on the documentary of the same name that came out 15 years ago – back when many of us could afford cocaine! (Netflix)

Hart to Heart – Kevin Hart gets his own talk show in which he welcomes actors, musicians and other celebrities to his “virtual wine cellar”. Secretary Buttigieg, come down! (Peacock)

Teddy – Rural France is the scene of a shocking young man who thinks he will become a werewolf. I was going to joke that he’s not a werewolf or a sworn wolf – he’s a wolf of surrender. But there is no way I’m going to shoot the French now. At least they let their werewolves carry vaccination records with them. (Shudder)

S.O.Z. Soldiers or Zombies Season 1 – Agents of the Mexican government trying to bring down a drug cartel are turned into a horde of the undead thanks to a failed American experiment. It seems to me that we could be looking at some kind of geopolitical metaphor here. You know, District 9 really did it to the Irish. (Amazon Prime)

The Suicide Squad – New director James Gunn’s wacky humor (and a strategically added specific article) is the Hail Mary pass to the Suicide Squad franchise before it is declared “non-canonical” and we all start over. Hey, I heard George Lucas is looking for a job. (HBO-Max)

Val – While waiting for the sequel to Top Gun to bail him out of the autograph round, Val Kilmer shares a lifetime of home movies that create a compelling portrait of the actor’s craft. Take good care if you want to learn how a real professional comes into character by flicking lighted cigarettes on the crew. (Amazon Prime)

Vivo – Get ready to tug the animation in your heart as Lin-Manuel Miranda delivers the voice of a rainforest honey bear who has to deliver a musical love letter on behalf of its human owner. I’m hoping for “Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell” from the Stooges, but they’ll probably go for something original to earn an Oscar nomination. Damn loopholes. (Netflix)

Reservation Dogs – Taika Waititi and Native American filmmaker Sterlin Harjo present a comedy series about teenagers from Oklahoma heading for California. And all the writers, directors and leading actors are real natives. Well, nobody in show business is real, but you know what I mean. (FX on Hulu)

Bleeding With Me – This horror picture asks the question: “Is it paranoia when you think the friend you went on vacation with is secretly sucking the blood out of your veins?” Follow-up question: What is actually in this breakfast buffet? (Shudder)

Untold: Malice at the Palace – Find out what really happened in the 2004 Pacers / Pistons uprising in the first part of a five-part documentary series that explores the truth behind famous sports stories. Are we going to find out Pete Rose was innocent? I’ll bet you for 10 places, we won’t! (Netflix)

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