EM – SMOKING ON THE WATER: Alligator Snack backfires after being grabbed in the air


An unfortunate drone operator had to tell his device “see you later, alligator” after it was swallowed as easily as Gatorade.

In remarkable footage, seen above, the drone was only three feet above the big one Reptile flew, no chance – somehow to the surprise of those present.

Alligators have a lunging speed of up to 48 km / h, a talent that was fully shown in the TikTok video by Dev H Langer.

After the alligator named George caught the drone in his mouth and started chewing, smoke came out of his mouth.

“Oh my God, he eats it,” can be heard in the background of the video that was shot in the Florida Everglades , one person say.

You can hear other people say, “Don’t eat this, George, no” and “That’s probably not good.”

“We tried to get a close-up of the alligator with its mouth open and thought that obstacle avoidance would make the drone fly away, ”said Langer.


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