EM – Unvaccinated doctor challenges Sajid Javid over mandatory NHS jabs


Health Minister Sajid Javid has been personally challenged by an unvaccinated doctor who works in the intensive care unit about the government’s mandatory NHS vaccination policy. During a visit to King’s College Hospital in south London, Mr. Javid asked intensive care staff for their opinion on the rules when he received the backlash.

Steve James, an anesthetist consultant who has been with coronavirus patients since the beginning of the pandemic works, expressed his displeasure with the decision.

“I’m not happy about that,” he said. “At some point I had COVID, I have antibodies and I have been working in the COVID intensive care unit from the start.

” I have not had myself vaccinated, I do not want to be vaccinated. The vaccines reduce transmission at Delta only for about eight weeks, at Omicron it is probably less.

“And for that I would be discharged if I didn’t have a vaccine? Science is not strong enough. ”

Mr. James also announced that another of his colleagues had the same position, Sky News reports. Mr. Javid replied, “I respect that, but there are also many different views. I understand that, and of course we have to weigh all of this in both health and welfare, and there will always be a debate about that. “

Mr. James then suggested to the Minister of Health that he look at the” changing picture. ” “On how the Omicron variant moves and affects people in order to” reconsider “the mandatory NHS jabs decision. Alternatively, Mr James suggested, the government could “nuanced” the rules so that those who have antibodies – but obtained through infection rather than vaccination – do not need vaccination.

He told the Health Secretary, it is “not useful” to fire doctors who already have COVID antibodies but do not want to be vaccinated. “The protection I have from transmission is probably equivalent to that of a vaccinated person,” said James.

But Mr Javid told him, “that too will wear off at some point”. He added that the government takes “the best advice” from vaccine experts. “I respect your views and, more than that, I respect everything you do here and the lives you save,” the Minister of Health said to Mr. James.

A spokesman for King’s College Hospital said, “Although not currently It is imperative that employees receive their COVID-19 vaccination or disclose vaccine status to patients, we strongly support and encourage all of our employees to receive their vaccination in accordance with national guidelines – and almost 90% of our employees have already done so . ”

MPs voted last month to make vaccinations compulsory for NHS workers who have direct, face-to-face contact with patients unless they are exempt. The law requiring NHS workers to be fully vaccinated as a condition of being able to work is due to go into effect April 1. Medical and Nursing Unions have urged their members to get vaccinated, but have expressed some skepticism about how effective making mandatory NHS vaccinations will be in increasing vaccination rates.

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Mandatory is NOT legally enforceable, which is why they are trying to force people into receiving an experimental drug that has not been peer-reviewed or has been used long enough is going to see WHAT the short- or long-term side effects will be and use their employers to try and force it on those who resist.

Fortunately, this globalist attempt, their totalitarian new world, is crumbling To create quickly at the seams as thousands of doctors and health care professionals prove them wrong, and most people like the concept of owning not because they’ve spent their lives trying to own so much them

Also remember that the main actors in this conspiracy are all eugenicists with the aim of reducing the world population by 3 million people…. and now want to vaccinate the whole world.

Just think about it, do your own research outside of the “official” media sources and decide whether you agree with the ideology of the globalist, if so, so be it.

AGREE! Bravo, another person who has not lost their critical thinking skills or has allowed fear to control them.

Rarely have I read so many imaginative thoughts as this one. Mandatory by definition means required or required by law, mandatory, mandatory. There can be few experiments involving the administration of the hundreds of millions of doses that have been involved worldwide for the past year with statistically very few short or long term side effects. It is wrong to believe that employers force this on workers. It will be the law.

The second paragraph is a pure example of woolly thinking that has nothing to do with Mr Harper’s claims. I have no idea what he is saying by his comment that most people don’t like the concept of not owning.

There is no basis for commenting that the main actors in this conspiracy are eugenicists. Reducing the world’s population by 3 million would literally be a drop in the ocean if it grew by around 100 million a year.

I can only assume that Mr Harper, should he become infected with COVID, as exemplified by the will follow prominent Anti-Vax Johann Biacsics and treat yourself with chlorine dioxide.

Two things.
Info repeated weekly that 90% of the intensive care patients suffering from Covid have not received any “jabs”. How would I feel if my elderly parents needed intensive care and a “full up” sign was displayed?

I believe Italy will require all people over 50 to “jabs” must have?

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