EM – Vikings unveil favorite for GM, but he’s awaiting offer from rival: report



The Vikings are anticipating a second meeting with GM nominee Ryan Poles, who also has a second interview with the Chicago Bears.

The Minnesota Vikings, narrowing their list of general manager candidates to two, may be far from a formality.

After interviewing eight executives for the position, the Vikings submitted Friday, March 21 .

Both candidates will speak to Minnesota again this week. However, a recent report by Purple Insider Matthew Coller revealed that the Vikings have already finalized the position for the Poles.

Aside from the Vikings’ meeting with the Poles on Wednesday, January 19, few details are available from others Candidate interviews leaked.

NFL insider Aaron Wilson reported that the Poles “had an impressive interview with the Minnesota Vikings, according to a league source.”

It was a leak that made the Poles a clear favorite made for Vikings’ general manager opening, which Coller confirmed after Minnesota made a second interview request for the Poles.

Unfortunately, the Vikings weren’t the only team Poles to be impressed. He has a second interview this week for the position of general manager with the Chicago Bears, which could put Minnesota in a bidding war for the esteemed executive.

“From some interviews I had this morning, it appears that the Vikings want Ryan Poles to be their next GM, but it could depend on Chicago making him a better offer. So we’ll wait and see,” Coller tweeted.

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From some conversations I had this morning, it seems that the Vikings want Ryan Poles will be their next GM, but it could depend on Chicago making him a better offer. So we wait.

Poles, a former offensive lineman at Boston College, has risen among the ranks of NFL executives, largely on the college scouting side.

Poles began in 2009 as a personal assistant to Chiefs players , rose through the ranks of the college scouting department to become a principal in 2017 — the year the Chiefs backed Mahomes, who went from a second-round talent to a late third-day pick by executives in the league. Poles survived two general manager changes as one of the organization’s valued leaders.

“I know him. I know his character. I’ve sat with him and broken bread. I know how hard he’s willing to work,” Former Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka told Newsday of Poles, his collegiate teammates, “I think he can do it. He’s well equipped for the job. He’s more than up to the challenge. He gets it, and so do I.” think he’d bring it to New York,” said Mathias Kiwanuka, his college teammate, former Giants defensive end.

While the Poles appear to be the favorites for the Vikings general manager position, Adofo- Mensah has gained a lot of respect in the league.

Adofo-Mensah, a former commodities trader, made a career change and got his first NFL job as football research and development manager with the San Francisco 49ers in 2013 before becoming director of thes same department.

He led the 49ers’ effort to “develop and implement advanced quantitative methods for game strategy and personnel evaluation,” wrote the Chicago Bears, with whom Adofo-Mensah also interviewed.

When the Browns hired General Manager Andrew Berry last season, Berry took an initiative to steal Adofo-Mensah from the 49ers’ workforce by promoting him to the Browns’ vice president of football operations.

Adofo- Mensah played basketball and graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and later received his master’s degree from Stanford.

#1, it’s his general cognitive skills. He’s a super, super bright guy and you can tell that in the first two minutes you meet him.

#2, and probably just as important, is just people’s skills. You could see how during his time in San Francisco he was able to build relationships across a number of different groups in a role that can be very challenging, as you have to be able to not only develop (analytical) insights, but communicating them too and getting people to buy into them. And then the other thing was just his broad understanding of the sport and the business of football. So even though he had formally just headed the 49ers’ research group, you could tell he understood team building, people, relationships and managerial skills at a much higher level.

The Poles’ hands-on experience as a former soccer player has appeal, but Adofo should -Not belittle Mensah, who, according to ESPN’s Kimberley A. Martin, is more than just an analyst GM’s viewed. Kwesi A-M has experience in scouting contract management and helps AB with all important decisions. The guy *knows* soccer. #Vikings.”

Kwesi Adofo-Mensah IS NOT *just* an ✌🏾analyst✌🏾 …In CLE he (and Glenn Cook) are considered Deputy GMs by GM Andrew Berry.

Kwesi AM has experience in scouting contract management and helps AB with all the important decisions The guy *knows* football #Vikings

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