EM – ‘Yellowstone’ gives fans the chance to visit Dutton Ranch – here’s how


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The fourth season of Yellowstone is officially here, with the fourth season premiering on Sunday, November 7th at 8pm. ET on Paramount Network. However, if you don’t have a Paramount Network, don’t worry. You can watch the premiere on CMT, TV Land, and Pop TV.

As fans eagerly go through all the options of what to expect in those 120 minutes (yes, the premiere will have TWO episodes) – will Beth make it? Is Johannes dying? What happened to Kayce? Who are all of these new characters appearing on the show’s Instagram account? – Yellowstone’s marketing people came up with a brilliant idea to help fans see their time.

“Would you like to win a trip to the real Dutton Ranch?” They have a photo of the ranch at dawn on their Instagram page Give the show a title. “Play Finding Yellowstone! We’re hiding iconic elements from the show in various cities across the country and challenging YOU to find them. ”

Finding Yellowstone offers“ six attractions at six attractions ”. The sights in question are relics from the show, and the goal is to find them (or guess right, as the scavenger hunt info page says). including an actual trip to the actual Dutton Ranch.

However, it’s not just free for everyone. Clues are posted daily on the Yellowstone Twitter page, which fans can click to make their guesses. This way, you don’t have to travel across the country to enter the sweepstakes. However, if you do (and if you scan the QR code you find) you will get extra entries to win.

Note 2: Today’s location is a real peach by the way. Enter your guess here: https://t.co/v4cTGAgFCY #YellowstoneTV pic.twitter.com/I0bLtqjGdg

Do you think you have what it takes to find the landmarks before the premiere? Go to the Yellowstone Twitter account to put your hat in the ring (but remember to never put it on a bed).

Note 1: Remember, it’s unlucky to have your ( huge) cowboy hat on the bed. Make your guesses here: https://t.co/v4cTGAgFCY #YellowstoneTV pic.twitter.com/9N4ow5Oa7n


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