Chris Rock’s Set Policy: « I Fired People for Not Listening to a Woman »


Chris Rock told Nicole Kidman during a recent interview for Variety’s « Actors on Actors » video series that in the past he had fired people from his sets for refusing to listen to women. The two actors and potential Emmy contenders (Rock for « Fargo », Kidman for « The Undoing ») were amazed at the career of Lucille Ball, who Kidman will play in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming film « Being the Ricardos » for Amazon Studios. </ "She was a trailblazer," said Kidman. “She started her production company. Desi was Cuban and she had to fight to get him on the show. They just had so many things in their marriage that are so relevant today, and what they have to do with everything that artists do, where you go up against big corporations. And you think, 'No, that's art.' "

Rock cut in, » Let’s not downplay the fact how hard it must have been to be a woman at the time, you know, easy like, ‘I’m the boss. Not him. I’m the boss. ‘ »


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When Kidman said that it is still difficult for women to navigate positions of power in Hollywood, Rock added, “It still is. I fired people for not listening to a woman. I thought, ‘How come he doesn’t do it …?’ And then I realize, ‘Oh’. « 

Rock told Kidman that his healthy relationship with his mother and the powerful women who made his comedy Career influenced two reasons he never had a problem listening to women in a work environment. The actor added, “When I started out as a comedian, Joy Behar and Susie Essman took me under their wing. I was just always around these powerful women. I mean, even in comedy, the clubs were run by women. « 

Rock added, » Everyone is talking about stand-up being a boys’ club, but stand-up has been run by a lot of women for many years. Even now, it’s Estee [Adoram] at the Comedy Cellar in New York. Lots of powerful women in charge. ”

Rock last played in“ Spiral ”, the latest entry in the horror series“ Saw ”. Visit Variety’s website to read his entire Actors on Actors interview with Kidman.

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