City says: Don’t drink tap water today


The residents of a small town in rural Victoria, which is only a few hours away from running out of water despite wild storms, stopped drinking tap water from 7 p.m. on Thursday evening.

The residents of Trentham, in Hepburn County, northwest Victoria, was announced early Thursday by the local water authority that there may only be two to three hours of water available. At 6:00 p.m. the news was more serious, with a warning from Coliban Water, starting at 7:00 p.m. June 10, “do not use tap water until further notice”.

On Thursday evening only 10 percent of the water was left and the Authorities fear we are « threatening to run out overnight ».

After consulting with the Department of Health, Coliban Water said the council was « precautionary » and accused of « severe weather that would affect access to our Trentham water treatment facility and access to one downstream. » water pipe that could cause it to enter the distribution system. ”.

“ There is also a water pipe rupture that can lead to a pressure loss in the distribution system.

“In the event of a pressure loss, we cannot guarantee that the water will be potable is. « 

Authorities warned that if the city goes out overnight, » we may not be able to communicate with residents due to possible loss of communication.

Coliban Water chief executive Damian Wells told local residents, « We sympathize with you, » citing power outages, fallen trees and cold, wet weather overnight.

He said the crew will be returning to Friday Find the broken water pipe « to fix it as soon as possible. »

Boiling water does not remove any potential contaminants that could enter the distribution system in the event of a pressure loss in the system.

The advice of Hepburn Shire will Establish a bottled water relief center at the Trentham Football and Netball Facility starting at 7 p.m. tonight.

If you are concerned that you may be affected by contaminated water, please see a doctor.

For more information or if you have special needs, please visit Coliban Water’s website or call 1300 363 200.

ADVICE ON DRINKING STAP WATER – TRENTHAMAfter consulting the Ministry of Health, we recommend that customers Do not drink tap water until further notice in Trentham from 7:00 p.m. this evening, June 10th. More information

Coliban Water said earlier in the day that there may only be two to three hours of water available in Trentham as the water treatment plant lost power overnight due to extreme weather conditions .

It comes after Victorians who live by a creek in the southeastern part of the state were told to evacuate immediately when the tides rose rapidly.

Emergency Management Victoria issued the warning to all people who live, work and vacation in the Traralgon Creek area of ​​Gippsland on Thursday at around 10:30 am.

« A relief center has been opened at Traralgon Basketball Stadium, and we encourage people to go there, « he said.

 » Similarly, they can visit friends and family who are in a safe place outside of their immediate vicinity. « 

On Wednesday night The state was hit by destructive winds and heavy rains, leaving thousands of Victorians without power and hundreds of trees on streets, power lines and homes.

I am evacuating my home and the streets are closed. Traralgon is in serious trouble. Please leave the streets if you do not evacuate – we are desperately trying to get out to rescue some valuable possessions and our beloved animals 😢

The properties are expected to be isolated or flooded and it may be too late to go leave if no one left before 12.40pm.

Authorities warned that the flood was « toxic » and told people never to play or swim in the flood.

« If there is flood in you If the house intrudes or you are isolated, move to a higher level by stepping on tables, chairs, benches and beds. « 

The crews of the state emergency service had responded to more than 5000 calls for help in the last 24 hours, including more than 3000 in the metropolitan area of ​​the eastern and southern suburbs of Melbourne.

Approximately 21 lots in the Dandenong Ranges are particularly hard hit by falling trees and damage to houses.

There are Riverina flood warnings for Avon, McAlister, Latrobe, Thompson and the upper reaches of the Yarra River around Yarra Glen.

« It was a wild night – all of our emergency services are doing an excellent job, » he said.

« Almost 245,000 households have been affected by power outages and the electricity companies are working to restore the power supply. »

« At the moment we have major flood warnings for Traralgon Creek, but also for the Avon, Latrobe, Macalister rivers , Thompson and Upper Yarra, « said Crisp.

 » This has an impact on the move, especially in the east of the country.

« Right now, on Princes Hwy, Princess Hwy, Rosedale, Traralgon and us expect this to be the case in Sale. « 

Bureau of Meteorology’s emergency meteorologist Kevin Parkin expected the noxious gust warning to be lifted later Thursday afternoon, but warned that more rain is on the way in flood-hit areas would come.

« There will be a southerly breeze blowing, but not as strong as we saw overnight with those howling southerly winds keeping people up, » he said.

« Regarding the next few days will be a rather set a calm and weakening trend.

“In Gippsland, where we saw heavy rain, we unfortunately expect more rain.

« Far from the intensity we have seen, but it could not only add to the rescue and efforts that are currently going there but also keep those flows elevated. »


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City says: Don’t drink tap water today


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