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BANGALORE, June 21 – Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has begun another game in the event of a change of leadership. Yeddyurappa is the leader of the Lingayat community. Definitions of leadership change in the state but confronting an influential community have already begun. There is also a demand that if BSY replaces BSY, it should be given to Lingayat.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka is the leader of the BSY Lingayat community. If they are overthrown, then the BJP elite will certainly be in a state of disrepair. The path of struggle they have grown up with is not the same as the standing of the community for ever and the denial of Yeddyurappa’s service to the community. In addition, Yeddyurappa has been instrumental in leveraging the confidence of the leaders of all other communities in the state.

Yeddyurappa, who has organized the BJP from across the state, has brought together the BJP, which is a single constituency in the assembly, into power. Yeddyurappa, who grew up from Shikaripur’s Karmabhoomi to the Vidhan Sabha, has risen to the rank of CM for the fourth time ..! But, the problem is not safe ..!

There is no record that Yeddyurappa has been a full time CM for 5 years after his appointment as CM. Yeddyurappa was the only 7-day CM in 2017, 3 years in 2008, only the second day in 2018, CM! Yeddyurappa, who is now in his fourth year as CM, is facing the end of his 2-year-old career.

The anti-Virasa Shiva Lingayat community is now in favor of this amelioration of Yeddyurappa’s CM position, which is being touted as the Lingayat Swamiji across the state.

On the one hand, the support of the Swamiji, the fear of the entire Lingayat community standing behind Yeddyurappa, on the other hand, the other party’s linguistic leader, the BJP High Command, is not lying. Another confusion is that the BJP is inside.

Who is in the #Yediyurappa space ..?
Yes .. If the entire Veerashiva Lingaitya community has built up all opposition and brought down Yeddyurappa, who will be their place? In BJP, who is the most popular leader in all the states of the state, which belongs to every community ..? The BJP has no answer to this question.

While the entire BJP has grown up to be a Yeddyurappa, there are no other leaders in the BJP who have a charm to their own. Therefore, this weakness of the BJP is the strength of Yeddyurappa ..!

BS Yeddyurappa would repeatedly say that I am the CM for the next two years. But only their opposition faction is coming up with a date for leadership change.

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