Early in the night — in the mourning room with many hopes — the bride is shocked to know the unexpected truth te


Foreign relationship means that the parents are happy. The baby thought life was going to be good. As long as the dowry, gifts were presented and married. But the original twist emerged just hours after the wedding. The newlyweds, who entered the mourning room, learned that her husband was a ‘gay’. He himself told her that. Shocked, the girl told her parents the next day and approached the police. She hid the fact that he was gay and demanded that action be taken against him for cheating on her.

A 20-year-old woman from Pinapadu near Tenali in Guntur district was married to a young man from Vijayawada Autonagar on April 4 this year. By profession he had previously been in Canada for a few years. His parents told the young woman’s parents that he would settle abroad after marriage. The parents of the young woman, who was disgusted with the foreign relationship, gave another Rs 10 lakh under the formalities along with a dowry of Rs 10 lakh and got married in a lavish ceremony.

Shobhana was arranged for the new couple at the groom’s house in Vijayawada on the night of the wedding. The young woman, like everyone else, went into the mourning room ashamed. She entered the mourning room with many hopes for the first night with her husband .. She knew the unexpected truth for a while. She was shocked when her husband told her that he was gay and that he did not want to sell her. Unless I’m forced to marry an adult … he’s not interested in you. He told her not to tell anyone about this.

The next day there was a reception in Vijayawada where parents and relatives came. With this the bride told her parents the real thing. With this, her parents canceled the reception and took their daughter away. The groom’s family then formed a panchayat in the presence of the elders in an attempt to impress the bride’s family. The bride’s family seems to have attacked them for not backing down. The bride’s parents went to the police station and lodged a complaint. The groom’s family said in the complaint that he sought to ruin their daughter’s life by hiding the fact that he was gay. They demanded that steps be taken to return the money given as dowry.


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