Ebene Magazine – A deer stands in a high school girl’s toilet and hits the school / board of education directly (January 29, 2021) –Excite News


The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has not been announced, and a camouflage contract has been discovered in the operation of a metropolitan high school / library.

In May 2015 at the Tokyo Metropolitan High School Library, in the article « Is the » camouflage contract « spread in Tokyo Metropolitan High School Library … Surveyed by the Labor Bureau and outsourced to a business operator without know-how » dated September 14, 2019 The « camouflage contract case » that occurred …

« Toilet rape » revealed at trial in Gotanda family restaurant standing up

In March of this year, a man with a knife broke into the family restaurant « Denny’s Higashi Gotanda » in Gotanda, Tokyo, and a female clerk was held hostage in the toilet inside the store. The first trial of unemployed Toru Takayasu (52), who was arrested for imprisonment and violation of the Firearms and Swords Act, was 6 …

Female toilet voyeur image leaked at a prestigious high school in Ibaraki

Speaking of the leaked video that caused a lot of noise, the « Senkaku fishing boat video » comes to mind, but depending on the viewer, even more shocking erotic images flow on the net, causing a big problem. That is the « toilet voyeur … » of high school girl athletes.

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