Ebene Magazine – A new mini-station was opened in the Moscow region ru

Ebene Magazine - A new mini-station was opened in the Moscow region ru

The reconstruction was carried out in two stages; many wishes of the residents were taken into account. For example, a convenient pedestrian tunnel appeared in Bakovka, which allowed thousands of passengers to quickly get to trains. “Bakovka is a former summer cottage settlement of the 20th verst, where Budyonny’s dacha was once located, – said Governor Andrei Vorobyov. – But now it is fully a city, a rapidly growing microdistrict, where more than 22 thousand people live in the district. MCD from Bakovka to the center of Moscow can now be reached in 35-40 minutes, and if you travel regularly, you can save up to 4 thousand rubles a month or about 48 thousand rubles a year. « 

An underground passenger terminal, ticket offices, weather sheds, equipment for passengers with limited mobility – all this can be seen at the new mini-station. According to the head of the region, the renewal of the stations is carried out on the instructions of President Vladimir Putin and Bakovka – already the seventh reconstructed transport hub on the territory of the Moscow Region railways. “Near the station we made a parking lot, put the sidewalks and lighting in order. The station is equipped, as they say, with a margin – taking into account the fact that the area is promising and there will be more passengers every year. MCD changes the quality of life, and we hope that soon diameters will connect other cities of the Moscow region. After the reconstruction, the capacity of the station during peak hours has almost doubled, « said Andrei Vorobyov.

The renewal of the railway infrastructure in the capital region will continue this year. According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov, 10 more stations on the existing and future MCD routes and a new station on the MCC will be opened.

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