Ebene Magazine – BC’s paid sick leave will support workers and reimburse companies


Workers will soon have access to a Made-in-BC. Paid sick leave program that helps workers stay home during and after the pandemic, including permanent paid sick leave, based on legislation presented on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

To keep workers at home during the To better support pandemic, amendments to the Employment Standards Act will introduce three days of paid sick leave related to COVID-19, such as: B. Symptoms, self-isolation, and waiting for a test result. Employers must pay workers their full wages, and the province reimburses employers without an existing sick leave program up to $ 200 per day for each worker to cover costs.

« The best way to get workers, their families. » and protecting employees during this pandemic is a paid sick leave program, « said Prime Minister John Horgan. « Our Made-in-BC program will help cover the costs of badly affected companies so that we can all together overcome this pandemic and achieve a strong economic recovery. »

The legislation also provides for a permanent payoff Sick leave for employees who cannot work from January 1, 2022 due to illness or injury. The number of paid sick days and other benefits is determined after consultation with the business community, labor organizations, etc. Indigenous partners and other stakeholders.

« We are working to provide permanent protection from paid sick leave for British Columbians as part of our commitment to a better future for workers and jobs, » said Harry Bains, Secretary of Labor. « We will seek full advice and base the long-term claim on what we hear to meet the needs of workers and support healthy businesses. »

The short-term sick leave related to COVID-19 will fill the gap for workers who recover between feeling sick and having access to Canadian Health Insurance Funding for Recovery. BC’s COVID-19 paid sick leave will keep workers safe for even longer – through December 31, 2021.

To support this vacation, WorkSafeBC will set up the employer reimbursement program on behalf of the province and manage it from next month. This includes reimbursement from employers up to $ 200 per day per employee. For the small percentage of employers who have a highly paid workforce but have not yet paid sick leave, those employers must cover all remaining wages above $ 200 for each day of COVID-19 sickness taken.

« Since the start of this pandemic, BC played a pioneering role in helping workers and making sure they don’t go to work when they are sick, « said Bains. « As a result of this legislation, an employee who wakes up in the morning feeling uncomfortable can stay at home in self-isolation and get tested without worrying about income loss. This is good for workers, good for businesses, and good for the economy It will help prevent workplace transmission and put the pandemic behind us. « 

These changes build on a number of legislative improvements and endorsements made by the BC Government, Department of Labor and WorkSafeBC since the pandemic began.

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