Ebene Magazine – Bhaskar Special: That bloody Makar Sankranti, when Ahmad Shah killed 40 thousand pilgrims to death hi

Ebene Magazine - Bhaskar Special: That bloody Makar Sankranti, when Ahmad Shah killed 40 thousand pilgrims to death hi

Digital Desk (Bhopal). There are some such incidents recorded in the history of India, which only makes the story creep up. One such incident is on 14 January 1761 when more than one lakh Indian women, including women and children were killed. There were forty thousand unarmed pilgrims in it. This date is of the third war of Panipat. Which was fought between the Marathas and the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abdali. Abdali was invited by two Indian rulers to attack. These were Nabab Siraj-ud-daula of Awadh and Rohilla Najibuddaula. These two were not only defeated by the Marathas, but also collected revenue from them. These two brought together a third king, Madhav Singh of Jaipur. In this war on Indian soil, these three not only blocked the route of logistics by siege of Marathas, but through their informers, they also informed the strategy of Marathas to Ahmad Shah Abdali. Abdali made some six attacks on India. Come, know the story of this terrible murder …

We have read in the history books that the third battle of Panipat took place between the Maratha Kshatrapas and the Afghan army. In this war on 14 January 1761, the command of the Afghan army was in the hands of Ahmed Shah Abdali-Durrani. Recently, the Bollywood film Panipat was also released on this. In which Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Kapoor were in the lead roles.

Before this third war of Panipat, Abdali invaded Delhi in 1757 and looted the Mughal emperor with heavy plunder. Then the Maratha army came and freed the emperor and drove Ahmad Shah back. He was stunned by this incident and ran away without delay when he received the invitation of Siraj-ud-daulah and Najibuddaula. The Peshwa was informed about this. The Maratha Empire was then commanded by Peshwa Balaji Bajirao. He sent an army of Marathas and handed over the command to Sadashiv Rao Bhau. Peshwa’s son Anand Rao was also in this army. The army of Marathas moved forward with full speed. She reached Delhi. The Marathas hoisted their flag at the Red Fort, liberating Delhi. The Marathas turned to Punjab by making arrangements for Delhi. This time he wanted to teach Abdali a full lesson. The Maratha army used to deploy some of its soldiers to arrange the area as it was liberated. This reduced the number of soldiers.

Thousands of women and men who had suffered from the invasion of Abdali or were pilgrims came to the shelter of the Maratha army. History says that there were a large number of insurgents in the Maratha army, who on the one hand were informing Abdali about Maratha army activities and on the other hand were reducing the number of soldiers in the name of the system. Abdali had a strong barricade in Panipat. As soon as the Maratha army reached Panipat, a terrible war broke out. This date was January 14, the day of Makar Sankranti. Sadashiv Bhau wanted to bathe in the Brahma Sarovar. But the route was blocked in Panipat, there was a sharp attack. The attack happened accidentally and with complete preparation. Nevertheless, the Maratha army was heavy and they snatched the stock of Abdali. Sadashiv Bhau was sabhar on elephant and Anandrao on horse. Then one of the guns hit Anandrao. He was seen by the falling Sadashiv Rao Bhau. They descended from the elephant and started searching for the body of Anandrao. Here the Maratha army saw the elephant of their commander empty, there was panic and panic in them. Abdali took advantage of the opportunity and announced it. Sadashiv Bhau is beheaded. This increased the enthusiasm of the invading troops and led to a stampede in the Maratha army. In this stampede someone beheaded Sadashiv Rao Bhau. Abdali also made the announcement that the one who will lay down his weapon will be saved. The ones who were given in the Maratha army motivated them to lay down their arms. Maratha soldiers were besieged, taken captive.

With great difficulty Holkar managed to get twenty women out safely. It was all done by three in the afternoon. After this, the women were separated. The slaughter of men started mangoes. It is estimated that over one lakh people were murdered. There were also forty thousand pilgrims among them. This was the biggest loss of the Maratha army. It is considered a dark day of history. There was probably no house in Maharashtra whose family was not martyred in this war. In Panipat, Ahmad Shah returned to Delhi by pouring blood rivers and heaps of severed heads and killed all those who were deployed by the Marathas for the safety of Delhi. Abdali’s slaughter of mangoes and plunder began in October 1760 and lasted until February 1761. In this, the date of Makar Sankranti on 14 January 1761 was filled with the bloodiest bloodshed.

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