Ebene Magazine – Bose SoundControl hearing aids do not require a prescription


As always, technological innovations seem to be closing down. The quality and convenience of wireless audio made its way from headphones to hearing aids a few years ago, and now advances in ear care for consumer audio accessories are coming. Bose, a name known for its audio technology, takes advantage of this cycle and launches the SoundControl hearing aid, which is the first time such a product is used but does not require a doctor’s appointment to be purchased.

In the past two years, a handful of new devices have come onto the market that are set to revolutionize the hearing aid market. Many of these seem to have taken their cues from modern wireless earbuds for the convenience offered by smartphones, Bluetooth audio, and the like. One thing these hearing aids have over your consumers’ wireless earbuds is the accuracy and personalization of the settings for each person’s individual hearing profiles that Bose is now trying to address.
These hearing aids are of course more considered medical devices than consumer products, and their precision and advanced features cost more than the device itself. They often require a doctor’s prescription or at least an examination, which is more than inconvenient these days. Some hearing aid manufacturers have started taking on remote or virtual doctor appointments, but Bose is also making that redundant.

This is what makes the Bose SoundControl hearing aids so special because they have been approved by the FDA for direct sale to consumers and no professional advice is required. However, the Bose Hear app specially developed for this device offers the option of making a personal appointment with product experts free of charge. Given the price of this thing, it’s not exactly a generous offer.

The Bose SoundControl hearing aids are light and practically invisible. The main electronics are hidden behind your ears and are not visible. In just 30 minutes, you can customize your personal settings in the Bose Hear app without fiddling with confusing controls or asking a doctor. Users can also choose to focus on specific voices or bring in sound from anywhere. While a pair costs a whopping $ 850, it could still be a fraction of the total cost of a formal hearing aid, not to mention the cost of a doctor’s fee.

Ref: https://www.slashgear.com




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