Ebene Magazine – Buffy deserves it better than Joss Whedon

Ebene Magazine - Buffy deserves it better than Joss Whedon

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This week’s revelations of Joss Whedon’s on-set behavior in a post by former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star Charisma Carpenter further tarnish its reputation as one of the most famous and beloved creators of the 1990s and 2000s. Carpenter revealed that in the years Whedon worked on shows he created, « abused his power », playing favorites, pitting actors against each other and treating them horribly gender-specific during her pregnancy. Her message was supported by former co-stars such as Amber Benson, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, some of whom witnessed their own memories of a toxic environment on set.

To me, a longtime Buffy fan, this is what feels like Allegations different from other creator and producer abuses of power that have been exposed in recent years and I’ve been trying to figure out why. I think that’s because at the height of my love for this show, I appreciated her not only for her wit and excitement, but also for her progressivism – for the way she was like a beacon in the doldrums of the Millennium TV shone. a feminist story that no other series tried to tell. At a time when a writer could never turn this kind of show green, we fans told each other, at least there was Joss – an ally. He empowered his actresses and the women who wrote and produced on his show to tell a compelling story of a strong, complex young woman who undermined the expectations of a sexist culture. (Whedon did not respond to requests for comment on the allegations.)

We didn’t just love Buffy. We believed the show, like its heroine, was a driving force, despite its shortcomings. So it’s especially difficult to learn from several of the women who were there that the set wasn’t a particularly nurturing environment and that the actresses on the show felt cruelly treated by the visionary we fans believed in so thoroughly.

I recently re-watched Buffy and Angel and fulfilled a dream my wife and I had for years: to share this formative show with our teenage daughters. Like us loved them: loved Buffy and her fights, loved cute Willow and stupid Xander and glamorous faith. And of course, they loved Giles, Buffy’s Watcher, the mentor and father figure who guides and nurtures them through those difficult years – one of my models, I’m not ashamed to say, for dedicated and caring parents, even if it’s like all good television characters he cannot always live up to his own ideals. (In an interview on Thursday, Anthony Stewart Head, who played Giles, sounded just as confused as I did. « I’m really sad that people have had these experiences, » he said. « How on earth I didn’t know that is that so? ”)

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Watching the show again, far from its original context, was eye opening. A lot of it holds up really well, and some episodes even improve as you watch it later: the dark, stormy Season 6, heavily vilified by fans on the internet at the time, works much better than ever as a slow week-by-week story. It’s my older daughter’s favorite season for dealing with depression and she can’t understand why we ever thought it was a burden.

The special effects look even worse now than they did then. The gay panic jokes have aged as much as the gay panic jokes in any television show from this period. But it’s also striking how normal the show’s feminism feels now, at a time when it’s much easier to find women’s stories in all styles and genres when a superhero is not a unicorn but is the order of the day – and when Many of these female superheroes let their stories of women be told for good or bad.

When I asked my older daughter, who was a fan of the sixth season, what she thought of the allegations against Joss Whedon, she shrugged. For them, Buffy was never about Joss. « A lot of people did Buffy and it’s still a really good show, » she said. « And honestly, a lot of feminism feels really out of date. » She laughed at the season seven villain, Caleb: « How Buffy kills him? That’s a little on the nose! « I think, with the advantage of perspective, it’s a little bit obvious that the villain was a cruel, misogynistic priest and that Buffy ripped him off. Boy, did it feel great in 2003?

About Buffy To finish, I think it is important for me to be clearer about the circumstances and context of its creation – that it can no longer feel as revolutionary as it used to do not mean that it does for those who do it now It just makes sense in different ways. And that its founder wasn’t everything we once thought he was doesn’t take away from the little wonder that this moving, funny and moving show It’s testament to the many others who have found their way through a difficult environment to make sure the results are moving, fun, and moving.

These days, like my daughter, I try less on Joss Wh Edon rather than thinking of the people whom I did not consider enough 20 years ago. The producers and writers who did remarkable work in creative fields in an even more challenging time for women. The actresses help each other through difficult days and stick together long afterwards. And even poor Tony Head who hoped to be a father figure on this set, but like many dads, learned that things he thought were easy were terribly complicated all along.

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