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Filming the show, Byron Baes, could potentially threaten businesses if the portrayal of Byron « is as absurd as I think many of the docu-soap reality shows are, » said Byron Shire’s Mayor.

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Disgruntled Byron Bay locals protest the filming of a reality television series, fearful of damaging the reputation of their trendy Australian tourist town.

Around 100 surfers paddled out to sea on Tuesday off the coast of City of New South Wales to form a cancellation icon in the hopes that Netflix can release the series through social media influencers.

Several Byron Bay companies have refused to sign filming permits with which Byron Baes, a contemporary Abbreviation for Byron Babes, which can be filmed on their premises.

« It will potentially threaten businesses if the portrayal of Byron is as absurd as I think many of the reality shows with Doko soap are like that », Simon Richardson, Mayor of Byron Shire, told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

« As a community, we should have the right not to be exploited and do business, and so do we should just have a community whose real and genuine concerns and challenges are shared, rather than a picture postcard filmed with people who have been here, possibly five minutes, « added Richardson.

Ben Gordon refuses to shoot the eight-episode series at his store, The Byron Bay General Store.

« They propose to drag our name through the mud and earn millions of dollars without offering anything to the community and completely misrepresenting it, who we are, and that’s totally wrong, « Gordon told Nine Network Television at the Main Beach protest.

Gordon hosted a community meeting on the subject last week, complaining that most of the cast were not from Byron Bay

Netflix said its first Australian reality series would « aim to create a connection between the people we meet on the show and the audience ».

« The Sho w is authentic and honest, and while it carries all of the classic hallmarks of form and encompasses the drama, heartbreak, and conflict that make for such entertaining viewing, our goal is to lift the curtain on influencer culture for motivation The need and pain behind this very human need to be loved, « read a Netflix statement.

 » The reason we chose Byron Bay as our location was because of the region’s unique characteristics as a melting pot for entrepreneurship, lifestyle and health practices, as well as in the sometimes uncomfortable combination of traditional ‘old Byron’ and alternative ‘new’. That’s what we’ll talk about in the series, ”added the statement.

The town of 9,000 is one of the most famous in Australia, also because the actor couple Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky built a mansion there. International celebrities residing or spending time in Byron Bay include Matt Damon, Zac Efron and Simon Baker.

Richardson, the mayor, said the city 625 kilometers north of Sydney doesn’t need tourists,  » could be turned on by an empty vision of who we are « .

 » If we are ridiculed by a really empty, fake show, it could pose major challenges – not just sensitivity to us – but economic challenges as well « said Richardson.

Byron Bay activists have successfully prevailed against large corporations in the past. The city has prevented KFC and McDonalds from opening restaurants there after protest campaigns.

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