Ebene Magazine – Column: Pride and confidence in the Dagenham squad continues to grow


Paul McCallum of Dagenham and Redbridge scores the first goal for his team and celebrates against Dokingham on May 3, 2021 at Chigwell Construction Stadium & Redbridge v Woking, Vanarama National League Football
– Photo credit: Gavin Ellis / TGS Photo

The winning streak is over, but not the unbeaten one. The pride and trust in this team also continued to grow over the course of the games. Before we get to Stockport, let’s take a look at the victory that made it for the Daggers sixth time.

The sixth straight league win over Wealdstone was the first time the Daggers had six straight wins since 2003 had. This was a great feat for Daryl McMahon’s men last Saturday as they did it in style, a 5-0 win over the Stones!

It saw Paul McCallum and Matt Robinson both pocket clips; They continued their incredible form of scoring and the overall team performance remained at the high level they had throughout May.

This put the play-off conversation back on the foreground, despite countless people like me Times our chances written off.

The fact that this conversation stayed four games from the end of the campaign is evidence of the ongoing struggle McMahon’s side has shown and their never-to-die attitude.

Critics may say they still fell short of expectations, and as Daryl himself admitted, « he failed » – but that sustained level of performance and results is impressive – no matter the angle, what the real excitement for the next season.

The last edition of these quality performances took place on Tuesday at Edgeley Park against Stockport, which occupies 3rd place in the league. This was admittedly a tougher test than the past few weeks.

Although the Daggers were unable to score seven straight wins, they could more than keep up with the Hatters for most of the game and received despite the result Much praise from the fans.

I think the fact that I wrote there for a 1-1 draw against third place in the league « despite the result » is in itself a compliment to the quality the performance and the increased expectations over the past few weeks.

There were chances of winning it after Paul McCallum found the net for the daggers again – the number 9 is now finally scoring goals for fun – which is his fifth goal Has been in as many games.

Those odds included a Matt Robinson hit that hit the bar and substitute George Saunders who was late. There were also several screams of punishment that would definitely have been given with another referee.

The attacking character of the performance was exciting to see, hence the high praise and positive attitude of the team at the moment. Individual performances and the usual suspects were in extraordinary shape; Saidou Khan, Mauro Vilhete, Paul McCallum and Elliot Johnson – all outstanding artists.

Saidou Khan of Dagenham and Redbridge and John Freeman of Woking during Dagenham & Redbridge v Woking, Vanarama National League Football at Chigwell Construction Stadium on May 3, 2021
– Photo credit: Gavin Ellis / TGS Photo

A midfielder named there, who is not under contract beyond the end of the season, should be – Saidou Khan. He was exceptional, really evolved into his role and dictated the game like on Tuesday – from midfield.

Saidou and his colleagues in the middle of the park, not to mention Robinson, have impressed this season, but there is now a midfielder who has more than proven himself on Victoria Road.

Abu Ogogo of Dagenham and Redbridge during Dagenham & Redbridge v Grimsby Town, Emirates FA Cup Football at Chigwell Construction Stadium on November 7, 2020
– Photo credit: Gavin Ellis / TGS Photo

Abu Ogogo was released by Bristol Rovers this week. Dagenham said they would have the interview on his return, if he was ever available. So there’s a conversation going on with some fans even though they adore Ogogo and aren’t sure if his return to an expensive wage is necessary.

In my view, of course, we want to strike a better balance between youth and experience that Daryl is from has spoken – and we do not want to disturb any efficient site. But Ogogo has proven in winter that he can settle in seamlessly and he would be such a great advantage that we have to get him.

I see it as if it would not stop Sagaf and Khan’s progress, but improve it, there they could learn from a true dagger. Elsewhere, Leyton Orient posted its list, and ex-daggers like Jordan Maguire-Drew and Sam Ling are now available – another pair that might be on Daryl’s radar to keep the roster strong for the summer.

Jordan Maguire-Drew of Leyton Orient during Leyton Orient v Plymouth Argyle, Caraboa Cup Football at Breyer Group Stadium on September 15, 2020
– Photo credit: Gavin Ellis / TGS Photo

But I think we don’t want to make too many changes to the roster as this is a trap we’ve gotten into over the past few summers. We should leave McMahon to mainly work with what he has.

What he has is a winning side right now and they will try to unbeaten eight times against Halifax today – they may end the season with an unbeaten run of ten! Although Halifax are a team determined to maintain their play-off position; So it’s going to be a tough test.

A Dolch win this week puts them three points behind the Shaymen, so it’s a big game today – even play-offs are out of reach for Dagenham.

Let’s hope that I will write about this win next week and that the unbeaten run will be extended to 8, with a win today. Until then, stay safe and come on you daggers!

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