Ebene Magazine – Congratulations on the Day of the Angel Vasily: beautiful wishes, poems, SMS and postcards ru

Ebene Magazine - Congratulations on the Day of the Angel Vasily: beautiful wishes, poems, SMS and postcards ru

On January 14, Angela Day is celebrated by Vasily. FOLK TRUTH has made for you a selection of beautiful congratulations and cards that will help you congratulate those who have been named by this beautiful name. Also listen to: BEAUTIFUL generosity Let life give wonderful moments, Bright emotions, good presentations And best friends with whom reliably, the closest Human, with which it is calm. I wish to find my favorite business, May work be your fun. Solve your problems on « one-two », so that your head does not boil. I wish you prosperity to « caviar with butter ». Good health, health is not a game. And I wish you one more last: May it be happy for your every morning! Happy birthday to you, Vasya! *** Vasily is the Tsar’s nameToday at the table We will open champagne, We will pour it into glasses. We congratulate Vasily, so that he lives like a tsar, So that he puts efforts in abundance. [Gallery size = « full » ids = « 224052 , 224051,224050,224049,224048,224043,224044,224045,224046,224047,224041,224040,224042,224039,224038,224037,224036 « ] *** Vasily, in a good man – Today is the name day again. You will have gifts, Congratulations and kisses … I join everything, May everything in life be cool! Let health not fail, And let the money come up !!! Happy Angel Day! *** On Angel Day, Vasily, I want love And from my heart successful victories, Inspiration, bright happiness, health, And may God keep you https://www.youtube.com/watch? V = FJrmEjXxSn0 * ** Vasily, on the name day, we wish you Every day and every minute, May the patron angel help you! *** I will pray for Vasily to all the angels in the world And I will ask for cornflower in ripe rye, And I will ask you for health and happiness, Joy of the bright, blue sky. I will ask for you only faith and strength, So that troubles do not dare you, but do not mow. I will ask for you the strength of screaming and steel, So that daily worries on the road lag behind. I will pray for you to all the angels in the world, May the years give you long and bright. Watch the video congratulations on the Old New Year.

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