Ebene Magazine – DiGiorno introduces gluten-free frozen pizza (warning: it contains wheat starch!)


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Celiac.com 04/19/2021 (updated 05/08/2021) – Warning: DiGiorno « Gluten-Free » pizza contains wheat starch which, according to the box: « … has been processed so that this food meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for gluten-free foods. « Celiac.com is currently investigating the possibility that labeling regulations in the US may have changed as products containing wheat, even if they are gluten-free below 20ppm, cannot be used » gluten-free « . on their labels. We will publish a follow-up article shortly.

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INGREDIENTS: Water, wheat starch *, low-moisture, partially skimmed mozzarella cheese (cultivated partially skimmed milk, salt, enzymes), tomato paste, Parmesan, Asiago and Romano cheese mixture (cultivated partially skimmed cow’s milk, salt, enzymes), 2% or less vegetable oil (soybean oil and / or corn oil), modified rice starch, sugar, salt, psyllium fiber, spices, dried garlic. CONTAINS: WHEAT *, MILK.

* The wheat starch was processed so that this food meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for gluten-free foods.

Great news for gluten-free pizza lovers, especially all DiGiorno fans who have been missing their favorite frozen pizza since they went gluten-free.

DiGiorno shakes up the frozen pizza game with its new gluten-free pizza. Both pizzas are available in the flavors of pepperoni and four cheese and are certified gluten-free. They contain DiGiorno’s thick, hand-tossed crust and 100 percent real cheese.

The hot peppers are made from a mix of pork, chicken, and beef, while the mix of four cheeses includes mozzarella, Parmesan, Asiago, and Romano cheeses.

DiGiorno gluten-free pizzas are currently available in select Target stores across the country at a suggested retail price of $ 9.99 each. DiGiorno plans to offer its gluten-free pizzas at numerous other national retailers later this year.

Do you have a favorite pizza that you dream of has a gluten-free version? Do you already have a favorite gluten-free frozen pizza? Share your thoughts below.

No it does not. The second ingredient listed is wheat starch with an asterisk that says “The wheat has been processed so the food meets FDA requirements for gluten-free foods. No certification listed anywhere; only GLUTEN-FREE in huge letters.

Daiya Gluten Free Pizza Supreme from Canada. Dairy, soy and gluten free, certified gluten free. Not genetically modified, vegan and significantly cheaper than the other gluten-free brands in my supermarket. Adequate facsimile. 1 mg potassium and 2 mg sodium per calorie.

I’m sure it’s gluten free, but some forum members have reported reactions to Daiya products, possibly due to one of its ingredients, possibly xanthan gum:

Shortly after we published this article there were comments that it contained wheat starch containing gluten which we couldn’t check at this point because the pizzas weren’t on the shelf and we couldn’t reach Nestle. We finally got our answer and the product actually contains wheat starch and we have revised the article. Of course the product is still considered « gluten-free » but we are currently investigating why it can be labeled this way and still contains wheat.

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