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Director Shankar is reeling from a series of controversies. When Shankar announced the film with hero Ramcharan, Leica Productions filed a case saying that they have nowhere to go unless they complete the film ‘Indian 2’ which they are producing with Kamal Haasan. Meanwhile, Shankar’s announcement on Wednesday that he will be doing a Hindi remake of the Tamil film ‘Annian’ (‘Stranger’ in Telugu) with hero Ranveer Singh was another sensation. Now that statement is also controversial. Less than 24 hours after Shankar’s announcement, ‘Oscar’ Ravichandran, who was producing the film ‘Anniyan’ at the time, sent a letter saying that the story rights were his own. Shankar immediately responded with another scathing reply. The controversy became a big topic of discussion in cinema on Thursday.

How do you do that? – ‘Annian నిర్మాత’ Producer Ravichandran‌
‘I found a powerful hero to live up to my imagination. The controversy began as to whether director Shankar had declared in Hindi that he was ‘my’ all  ». « Will you announce a remake without contacting me? » Ravichandran was incensed. He also released a letter expressing his displeasure over director Shankar’s behavior. The gist of the letter was … « I was shocked to learn that you (Shankar) were announcing a film in Hindi based on ‘Annian’. You will remember that I am the producer of ‘Annian‌’.

I paid the full rights to this story line to author Sujatha (late author Sujatha Rangarajan) for money. Evidence for this is also safe with me. We own the full rights to the ‘All’ storyline. It is a legal offense to want to remake a movie with this storyline without my permission. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

This film has raised your stardom as a successful director. This includes my support as a producer of ‘Allion’. But you forgot all this and announced the Hindi remake without contacting me. It amazes me that you, who always adhere to moral values, commit such illegal acts to lower your level. Ravichandran said, « I am advising you to give up the idea of ​​a Hindi remake as I have all the rights. »

Story … Screenplay … Direction! – Director Shankar‌
Director Shankar also gave a scathing reply to producer Ravichandran who released an open letter claiming that the rights of ‘All’ were his own. « Those (all  » story rights are yours (Ravichandran) … I was shocked to see the mail sent. The film is titled Story, Screenplay and Direction by Shankar. I have not handed over the script and screenplay of this film to anyone. I was surprised to hear that the script was actually written by Sujatha Gari.

He only wrote dialogues for the film. Hence, he was given credit as a dialogue writer in the film. Except for the dialogues … Sujatha is not involved in any of the ‘Allian’ script, screenplay, hero characterization. Not myself as the director for ‘Annian‌’. You also got a name as a producer. As a producer you have no right over the movie script. Avoid baseless allegations anymore. The untruths you say will not affect my future projects. I hope you understand my explanation in a positive light, « said Shankar.

When Kamal arrives … Shankar is ready!
Despite the ‘Anniyan’ controversy, it is learned that film production company Leica Productions has filed a case in the Madras High Court seeking Shankar not to direct another film without completing ‘Indian 2’. The case was heard on Wednesday. Shankar’s lawyers argued in court that « Indian 2 » was not left in the middle of Shankar, as alleged by representatives of Leica Productions. The film needs foreign technicians for shooting. It is not easy to resume shooting with foreign technicians as per the current Kovid conditions. It is not correct to keep Shankar, one of the highest paid directors in India, vacant in a production house for two years.

Kodambakam told the court that even though his daughter got married in June, Shankar was ready to complete « Indian 2 » when Kamal Haasan came for the shooting. ‘Indian’ is a 1996 film directed by Shankar and starring Kamal Haasan as the hero. Shankar has announced ‘Indian 2’ as a sequel to the film. Kamal Haasan, who played the hero in the first part, is also playing the hero in the second part. The film will be produced by Leica Productions. The accident during the shooting of the film broke Kamal Haasan’s politically busy ‘Indian 2’, which was already 60 per cent complete.

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