Ebene Magazine – « Do you have a fourteenth salary? »: Top strangest interview questions ru

Ebene Magazine - "Do you have a fourteenth salary?": Top strangest interview questions ru

Do you have a fourteenth salary? In interviews, recruiters are most often surprised by non-standard questions about money.

Surprising recruiters in job interviews is getting harder and harder, but non-standard questions about salary and catering are still leading the list of weird candidate questions. Representatives of 1000 companies from all districts of the country took part in the survey of the service for finding high-paying jobs SuperJob.

HR managers who did not have to deal with strange questions from applicants have doubled in six years: 20% today and 10% in 2014.

Strange questions about wages are in the lead in the rating of non-standard questions; 6% of recruiters had to deal with them: « Is it possible to receive a salary every day? »; “Can I get an advance payment right away?”; « Do you have a fourteenth salary? »

HR managers in 5% of companies have encountered unusual questions from job seekers about food and dining. 4% of recruiters surprised job seekers with personal questions. The same number of company representatives mentioned strange questions from job seekers about the work schedule. 3% of employers are surprised by the attempts to ask them out on a date. The same number of HR managers received incomprehensible questions about the employing company: « Are you a serious company? »

Ridiculous questions: « Who are you? », « Where am I? », « What will I do? » – Applicants asked 2% of company representatives. 2% of recruiters were struck by excessive interest in the leadership of the organization (« Is the CEO married? »). Another 2% were perplexed when the candidate asked: « Do you like your job? » Strange questions about the workplace and the difficulties of work were also faced by 2% of respondents. 1% of HR managers were asked by applicants about the admissibility of smoking and drinking alcohol in the workplace.

Eichars also shared other strange questions from applicants: « Where is your safe, in which work books are kept? »; “Who can you take my son to you?”; « How is it remotely? »; “Will there be a present for the child for the New Year?”; « Will you pay the way to come for an interview? » (25%).

What questions you need to ask at an interview in order to get the right idea of ​​your future job – read the SuperJob article. We also compiled for you a checklist of questions that absolutely should not be asked to the recruiter, so as not to fail the interview.

Location of the survey: Russia, all districts
Settlements: 104
Time: October 21 – November 18, 2020

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