Ebene Magazine – Expert predicts a hail of goals in the match Barys – Salavat Yulaev ru

Ebene Magazine - Expert predicts a hail of goals in the match Barys - Salavat Yulaev ru

Russian hockey observer Maxim Lebedev, predicting the outcome of the match between Nur-Sultan Barys and Ufa Salavat Yulaev, which will take place on January 14, urged not to draw simple conclusions from the results of the recent confrontations between these teams and Kazan Ak Bars, reports Prosports.kz with reference to the « Rating of Bookmakers ».

“If hockey strictly obeyed mathematical laws, then bookmakers would have long ago begged at three train stations, and players would be morally corrupted in the Bahamas. It would seem that everything is simple: Salavat piles seven goals against Ak Bars, Ak Bars beats Barys away. Therefore, “Salavat” should tear “Barys” into rags, throwing a double-digit number of pucks on the Kazakh “cats”. But, as they say, « not everything is so simple in this world, Masha! » And the Kazakh team is not only not going to rake off a half dozen pucks from the Ufa team, but as if it itself did not pinch the Yulaev team.

There are, of course, prerequisites for this – and here again we cannot do without mathematics. Despite the fact that the overall advantage in terms of the number of victories in between parties belongs to « Salavat », in this pair the situation has developed that for three master’s victories, on average, there is one guest. That is, with all the current greatness of Salavat (five wins in the last six matches) and the continuing « split » in the Barys camp, which does not allow him to rise above the eighth place in the East, the hosts of the upcoming fight have a lot of chances.

Well, we will not bury the Ufa residents who have played out lately. And we will even predict victory for them. But not during regular time, but outside of it. And in the main time we are in for an exciting and oversaturated spectacle, « the expert says.

The match « Barys » – « Salavat Yulaev » will start at 19:30 Nur-Sultan time. For information on the live broadcast of the meeting, click here.

Ref: https://prosports.kz




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